How not to pay for the water to the full? Up to 90%. Parse 3 embodiment.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Immediately I warn readers. The latter option would be unacceptable to many. But this does not mean that this way is not who do not save. It is not necessary to write in the comments that this is nonsense and nonsense. Saw with his own eyes unnecessarily employed plumber. The idea for this article has thrown client is surprised that the flow of cold water for two from them reaches 16 cubic meters. per month. It turned out that the owner of the apartment does not save, it was necessary to carry out an educational program. Later, thoughtful, and yet some people do not know the basic rules of economy. We will be enlightened.

Gander mixer without aerator.
Gander mixer without aerator.

Standard variant savings to 30%.

1) All mixers sure to use standard aerators, Under any pretext, do not remove them, even if they are clogged. Clean them from cuttings matter of minutes. Aerators water is mixed with air and visually appears that the former head of water, but the water flow below.

2) Brushing- Rinse mouth, wetted brush closed water caused toothpaste on the brush and brush her teeth for 3 minutes. Water comprises at the end of toothbrushing. Imagine how many buckets of water can be drained into the sewer for three minutes while you brush your teeth?

3) Adjust level in the reservoir bowl. Set the level so that was a minimum water draining to the purity of the "white friend." During one run away from 5 to 10 liters of water. On the day of how much accumulates? That's right, a lot. By the way you can now see the amount of water drained. Lock for displacement counter (the counter tsiferki red) and drain. Wait for the tank filling and you will find out the volume of fluid flow away into the sewer.

4) use washing machine only when fully loaded. When you erase only one sweater that "stiralka" consumes water and electricity as well as the complete filling of the tank. Become thoughtful? Now Storage of contaminated clothing and arrange postirushki once a week.

Amplified embodiment savingup to 50 %.

1) Replace standard aerators on cost. The photo above.

2) When brushing your teeth and shaving use filled with water glass. Believe only one glass to shave or brush your teeth.

3) Install special two-button fittings in the toilet tank. Such a device makes it possible not to pour out the contents of the tank is completely toilet when you go "on the small" in the toilet.

4) If possible, set dishwasher. Current models of dishwashers consume 10 to 20 liters of water per cycle. And it's really not a lot. If there is no dishwasher close to the sink siphon valve (photo below). And I wash the dishes in the basin.

Wild way of saving up to 90%

Such methods of economy I've seen quite rare. But they do exist. This is not fiction! They are used by people who are paranoid save on everything.

1)Water after washing his body in the basin with the help of the scoop is not discharged into the sewer. And still in the bathroom. Gradually, the liquid they poured down the toiletAfter certain procedures on it.

2)after washing in the manual (usually such people have no washing machine) and a liquid used for flushing the toilet.

3) In one apartment met rustic washstand. Used for its intended purpose in the presence of the central water supply.

Last time was in this apartment recently. In the room, otherwise I can not name this apartment was dirty and "hung" odor. On removal of the shoe was not the question. The application was to replace the counters. So 6 years spent was 32 cubic meters of cold water and 11 hot, the question master Apartment why such a small expense, he replied - "so I'm saving," pointing to filled after washing bath. While filling the act of replacing metering devices I talked with him. It turned out that his wife had died 10 years ago and he was alone. Children in another city. Pensions are not enough, so you have to save hard...

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