Broke counter to water. No problem. Replacement pays the Criminal Code.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Many tenants of apartments with water meters installed panic at the sight of a broken water meter. Begin to invent a situation in their head as they are fined for stealing water using a broken counter. Because of this, people in the age of rising pressure and heart begins to misbehave. This article will try to reassure you and tell you how to indirectly receive funds for new water meter.


Any counter to water may break. This mechanism and failure is inevitable.

I broke down the counter for hot water What to do?

1)Do not panic, Mind you none will not be fined for breakage of the counter. If only it was not intentional.

2)Do not share directly into your management company.

3) Look how many cubic meters of water for the last time you sent and read.

Let's say the last time you gave 67 cubic meters of hot water. A month later, you have the same evidence, but your family was spending the water. So you have managed to save. Look at the average rate of bills for the last month and read how much you have saved money for a new computer. If the average hot water consumption per month was 5 cubic meters then multiply it by the rate of hot water. We have hot water costs 200 rubles. 5 * 20 = 1000 rubles. This amount is enough for a new accounting unit, and even if the bottle remains on the water meter will change themselves. We have a management company, etc. break up any counters or charge does not.

4)use water until the end of the month, excluding.

5) Change counter themselves. The law does not prohibit, the question we discussed here.

6)Call controller for registration and sealing water meter.

When the device failure in cold water

follow points 1,4,5 for hot water. Save on water meter cold-water damage is almost not work. T, to the value of this resource for instance we have 20 rubles per cubic meter.

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