Plumber asks water counter after expiration. We understand why.

  • Dec 28, 2019

At the moment, after 6 years from the date of issue must be replaced metering devices on the water either to believe them. In most cases, more profitable just to replace devices. Often fulfill the requests for replacement of devices. And I've got six months accumulated two hundred and forty meters. Some were given to the owners of apartments on the goodness of his heart, and some acquired for 25 rubles each. Why do I need such a fuss with counters? Explain.

B / y counters.
B / y counters.

The meter body is contained ferrous metal of from 200 to 300 grams. 4-5 typing device we get a kilo of brass. In metalopriemke us to give him 140 rubles.

But it is most advantageous to pass counters "Betar" right in the plumbing shop. For one water meter give me 60 rubles. 240 rubles per 4 pieces. The most interesting that the very shop rents them for $ 100 apiece plant.

During the six months managed to score betarovskih 240 pieces of water meters. The money comes out of 14,400 rubles. These funds were spent on the repair of the iron horse. And not stupidly drunken.

Why am I telling you all this? In order not thrown in the trash counters, and to utilize them to their advantage. Or just give a locksmith, entertain him. From this quality of repair work in your home grows.

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