Threatening post on the door will protect your apartment from intruders.

  • Dec 28, 2019
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The other day the ticket came, as usual, with the landlord phoned and agreed to the visit time. Climbing up to the landing and found the door of which I had to knock I saw this post on the door.

My desire to make a call at the door extinguished, go to the hospital with a broken arm I did not want. I had to double-check your application with the apartment number. That's right, the apartment number 12. Having calmed myself that I was waiting in the apartment, I dared to knock.

The landlord was waiting for me. After completing the work I began to fill the paper and decided to ask him what caused such a sharp "opus" on the door? The young man, well-built, looked about 30, began to explain:

- "Yes already got, we have a little baby lately constantly sick. Dream for a child this medicine. But my Nikita constantly deprived of sleep. "

- "Is it so often you are concerned that we had put on the door of this record?"- I asked Sergei, having found out his name from the documentation.

- "In the past, before the record could knock on the door to three times per day, and each time the child is frightened, even if you do not sleep."

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- Responsible landlord.

- "Let me ask and who dare to bother you so much? "- Curiosity is too strong for me.

Sergei began to enumerate:

- "Representatives of non-governmental pension funds, even those rogues, words do not understand. They come almost every day. At the same person "agents" are constantly changing. Threatening one, another will come. " - it is necessary to clarify that the house in which he lives, is in the center of the cluster of high-rise buildings and large there. Apparently the representatives of NPF easier to navigate among these anthills.

- "Representatives of various services: gas workers, plumbers, inspectors ask, and you do not know where the hosts of the 13th and 17th apartment? In which not long ago who do not reside. Apparently they have accumulated debts. And everyone feels obliged to knock me. I have since written on the door - "background", "

I fill out the documents to him obratilsya- "And how? It helps threatening promise on the door? "

Sergei smiled proudly answers - "Of course, since this record on the door there is no one" actor "did not dare to knock on the door without an invitation."

Bottom line: If you often no reason to worry, then this record will save you from intruders.

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Timofei Mikhailov.