"Clean my filter" Such a request does not like plumbers.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Fulfilling a request for plumbing repairs, often asking the landlady and sometimes beg clean strainer. On the question of why do it? They otvechayut- "Well, perhaps he hid deposits." I already boiling with these requests. I will try to convey to the reader a greater weight when it is necessary to clean the filter and why to do it.

Strainer water purification.
Strainer water purification.

The photograph (top) filter is represented by coarse water purification. Its location in the basement of an apartment building. Through it constantly circulates the hot water that comes into your apartment. Also mounted on the filter with cold water. Those. water previously purified from large deposits. So your filter housing is not clogged.

Check with your ZHEU whether the central filter is available at the input of the house. If they are not the dirt from the many kilometers of water pipelines will settle in your pipes and plumbing to spoil.

Well, suppose that you enter the water in your house is not fitted coarse filter. Or intentionally removed from the locksmith "Jeka" unnecessarily they constantly require maintenance. Well do not want to dirty their hands locksmiths or they are too lazy to clean them. In this case, the dirt will come into your filter.

The question arises as to clean them?

Clean the strainer from the deposits in the case of a decrease or absence of pressure in your water system inside apartment.

Open water in the mixer, the pressure fell, first check aerator. And then only your filter.

Specially for this article disassembled strainer in his apartment. For five years, I accumulated a little bit, "burrs". In the case of a full load mesh filter, system pressure drops. And until you are all well, do not require locksmiths to clean the filter.

No need to once again touch something that works properly !!!

In this case, (photo above) you see an incorrect installation of the coarse filter. It never will accumulate dirt. And will hang in your pipeline. It should be mounted horizontally. Then the dirt builds up in the mantle, and it can be removed.

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Timofei Mikhailov.

Water filters are hazardous to health, if you do not change cartridges in time.