Water meter has worked for 24 years. Parse.

  • Dec 28, 2019

One of the first household counters made in the watch factory "Vostok" that in Chistopol. I worked for 24 years and is not broken. It's time to change it due to the end of verification. I was lucky enough to pick it up. Together with you will understand why so long he worked without breakdowns.


Another photo closeup.

Counter-SGVK 15, 1994 release.
Counter-SGVK 15, 1994 release.

In my memory there were 1992 meters. But to meet them at the moment is almost impossible. This is due to the fact that now there are no one repairs. They are usually opened for cleaning the sand and build-up. Once carried out calibration and re-set to account for the water. Is now much easier to buy a new device, defended one term it can be thrown away, and verify it is not worth. Manufacturers of water meters greatly simplified the production. Which resulted in a deterioration in quality.

Our counter consists of two main parts:

1) The brass body in which is located an impeller and an adjusting screw.

2)Counting mechanism, it is perfect, but more on that later in this article.

The magnets on the impeller are not destroyed, modern counters due to a failure in the magnetic coupling failure occurs in the work. Believe me water meters are often denied for this reason.

Here begins the "pleasure" to the eye. But to do that I had to break the safety glass. It was glued on the sealant for protection against moisture. I hope readers will forgive.


All the elements of the mechanism clearly burnished.

Gears are made perfect as to watch "Commander". By the way, these clocks were made in the same factory.

If the bottom part of the counter with the impeller required cleaned periodically. The counting mechanism can be operated almost forever. This is due to the fact that the gears rotate on sapphire or ruby, synthetic.

Time stones - clockwork parts made of corundum - synthetic sapphire or ruby ​​for improving the wear resistance and durability. This primarily bearings gears and balance.

Incidentally artificial stone, it is worth the same, and under the impeller axis. This design allowed the blades to rotate without jamming. Get I could not before.

The hole is centered sapphire.
The hole is centered sapphire.

The result is that the water meter SGVK-15 is perfect. But it requires periodic cleaning of dirt and verification device.

But at the moment the production of such devices is not appropriate: 1)the counter weight is almost 1 kg brass. Modern water meters weigh 300 grams.

2) Making gears counting mechanism will require a lot of costs.

3) The bulkiness of the device. SGVK-15 twice the conventional counters.

At the moment, the legal successor of these counters is a PFC "Betar" Mr. Chistopol. Release SCC-15 water meters.

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Timofei Mikhailov.

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