Clean drains in the kitchen with his hands.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Very often in the kitchen there is a situation that the sewer drain clogged with food debris and grease. This means that it is necessary to carry out an operation to nauseating indiscriminately trap plumbing or inviting for a fee.

Photo from personal archive.
Photo from personal archive.

Why clogged drain?

1) Food residues lie in the trap and do not allow fluid to leave more in the pipeline.

2) Ubiquitous fat accumulates on the walls of the sewer. The cross section tubes and zauzhivaetsya clogged passage for liquid after dish washing.

We solve the problem: If the water leaves the basin slowly ie the method how to clean the pipeline.

Buy in the store means for pipe cleaning.

The cost of liquid funds from 40 rubles.
The cost of liquid funds from 40 rubles.

Heat to boiling kettle full of water.

Pour it into zabivshuyusya drain. We conduct operations twice. To soften the deposits. We are doing it necessary.

After the second pour immediately kettle 150-200 c. means in the neck drain.

In this case, clears liquid gets only into the siphon. If you need to clean the pipeline we add another 100 grams. facilities. And pour 200 gr. hot water.

This procedure is best done at night. Or stand pipe under the action of means for at least 4 hours. After soaking liquid in the pipeline must be flushed with hot water conduit.

In this way, I clear the sewer diameter of 50 mm and a length of 7 meters. I have taken out a sink under the window and often clogged.

If the fluid does not leave you out in the car wash will have to disassemble the siphon and clean manually. Unpleasant procedure. If the pipeline is clogged it must be cleaned rope. We'll have to call the plumber.

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