What to do if you drown neighbors above? Do not sit idly by and follow the tips.

  • Dec 28, 2019

The probability of flooding in apartment buildings is very high. Any plumbing equipment has a lifetime, if at the time did not carry out preventive maintenance and repair of the plumbing before the flood at hand. Consider the reasons why you might drown.

Perhaps the reason for future flood.
Perhaps the reason for future flood.

Why did you drown neighbors?

1) Faulty plumbing fixtures. These we considered in the preceding article, here.
2)Clogged drain.
3) heating gust.
4) Outdoor faucet mixer. Very often it happens, usually the landlord fills a bath and sleep, after taking on the chest of strong drinks. Or after repairs on the hot water and cold-water networks, launch a water supply. And at this point taps are left open.
5) Leakage in the roof.
Not an internal mixer.
Not an internal mixer.

What to do? At the first signs of the flood.

1) Turn off the electricity. Protect yourself against electric shock, and save wiring.

2)Rouse the neighbors above and tell you that they drown, they in turn will close the water. If the door does not open, then in any case do not try to open it. This is done in the presence of the district and representatives of the management company.

3) Call the Emergency-dispatch service. Phone avariyschikov you need to know. Hang it in a prominent location, such as a refrigerator. Manager will record the call and sent a team to you to turn off the water supply risers.

4) Do not worry! Any repairs can be restored, and the health of spoiled nerves are not always restored.

Disconnect the power supply.
Disconnect the power supply.

Important ! In practice, many do not know the emergency number, be sure to save it, so as not to waste precious minutes searching for accommodation.

Save the emergency number.
Save the emergency number.


If the apartment it started to rain, then it is a speedy repair.

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Who is to blame and what to do look at how some in the next article.