Do not let the homeless cats in the cellar. This is dangerous.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Recently, social networks read a post psevdozaschitnikov homeless animals. They are foaming at the mouth, "shouted" what a soulless housing department workers. They put grilles and blind shutters basement hatches. According to them there will be a cat in heat and survive. But let's order, tell the reverse side of the lives of these animals, who do not see compassionate defenders.

What happens in the basement when cats live there?

1) Uncontrolled reproduction. According to their type of activity, I often go down to the basement of an apartment house and see how everything is pitiable. First cat in them to multiply uncontrollably. Heart breaks when I see a lot of kittens. Seeing me, they scatter in all directions can. Cat - eventually abandon their mother, stop feeding. And since they do not go to the "white light" and are very afraid of people, feed them already or who can not. And soon they die in agony. Not really convenient if psevdozaschitnikam cats? They do not see the kittens suffering in the dark and damp basement.

2) Unsanitary. Homeless animals in the basement unhindered contact with each other. Easily transmit diseases dangerous to humans.Toxoplasmosis, helminth infections, ringworm... And many other diseases that can be transmitted person to play with cute kitten.

3) Fleas. These insects find shelter under the fur of cats. If an animal dies that eating animal blood can no longer. They are looking for a new owner. They can be your pet that goes outside and looks in the cellar. But the contrary is that they rush to the people in the cellar. Usually the victims are fitter that cater to your house. If fortunate enough to go near a dead cat, the whole army of fleas will be on it. Fleas get under clothes, start to bite leaving the skin red spots. By the way fleas also carry infectious diseases.

Consider a situation, you need to replace taps in the apartment on the riser. You invite fitters with the housing department, they go down to the basement closed risers with water. After that, back to back to your apartment, carrying on clothing pesky insects. And they will stay in your home. "Well," if there is in the apartment pets, they shall dwell in it, you'll still have to wonder where our cats blohi- "we do not produce it on the street," If there is a pet, they will bite you, until die. Tk usual fleas do not live on humans. While writing this, all ischesalsya, brrr.

White powder trubah- treatment against insects.
White powder trubah- treatment against insects.

4) Processing cellars. If found in the basement of the fleas that it is treated with special means, the entire cost of the treatment are the tenants of an apartment building.

How to solve the problem of stray animals? Here are several options:

Keep them in the entrances let are heated, they will really relieve themselves there, but we tolerate (sarcasm).
create shelters for stray animals, or subscribe for them.
forced sterilization
By the way, this cat shat on my porch today.
By the way, this cat shat on my porch today.

Open basements in homes is unacceptable and dangerous to health. must be other ways to solve this problem.

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Timofei Mikhailov.