Not discharge the hot water in the toilet bowl. Such actions can damage plumbing.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Virtually all for flushing the toilet using cold water. Many owners of apartments do not even think about it. Hot water can damage your plumbing, namely toilet. You have to know in which cases the hot water can be in the "white friend" and where it leads.

The reasons for which can get hot water in the toilet bowl.

1) The cold water pipe can be hot water. This is due to the fact that you or neighbors of the defective riser mixer. In which of the riser was transferred by hot water will be cold water. The hot water riser pressure almost always above. If this happens you need to call dispatcher service. Put simply call a plumber. They will find the cause and eliminate.

2) Improper connection to the toilet water. This can occur during the repair wiring DHW and HVS. In this case, to invite the locksmiths who made repairs.

3) Some housewives poured into hot water in a toilet bowl, for example fatty broth. Or try boiling water to disinfect "white friend."

Hot water is the enemy of the toilet. Why?


When flushing waste products (faeces) hot water sharp unpleasant odor appears. In warm conditions as quickly breed harmful microorganisms.

2) If intentionally pour hot water (hot water) in the toilet may burst due to temperature differences. Remember how may burst 3 liter cans without heating them to pour hot water into them.

3) The periodic draining hot water in the toilet bowl will crack on the enamel surface. Thereby spoiling the appearance.

Using hot water in the toilet also economically impractical. This water will be scored in the tank to cool down. The cost of domestic hot water is several times higher than the CWS. So you realized that the cold water in the toilet will save her appearance.

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Timofei Mikhailov.