Polotentsosushitel you grounded? Or why the new Polotenchik corrosion appears.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Each modern apartment has a heated towel rail is very convenient, practical and modern look plumbing. With its comfortable temperature is maintained in the bathroom. But over time, on any towel rail, even if he is made of thick stainless steel, can be formed through corrosion.

Why spoil a new towel warmer?

1) The use of low-quality, thin material manufacturer. Cheap stuff is not able to last for a long time. Miser pays twice.

2) Using barbed tube dryer manufacturer. In such dryers higher probability of failure. Before buying, make sure that the seamless pipe.

To clarify what your dryer before seam or seamless necessary to end polotentsosushitelya, where the wrapped thread, stick a finger. And gently so as not to cut himself on the end of the pipe to hold a finger over the inner surface of the tube. If the pipe seam you will feel a protrusion, such a dryer is not advisable to choose. And if the tube inside is smooth, without ridges before you seamless towel rail

3) The conduit has a stray currents and electrocorrosion occurs. Whatever the quality was not heated towel rail, it can literally be spoiled for the year. If in the pipeline there is a high potential difference.

In order to remove excessive currents and preserve the dryer must be grounded heated towel rail.

But if the ground Polotenchik pipeline installation takes place on plastic pipes. Especially manufacturers do not provide in the design of lugs for wires.

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Timofei Mikhailov.