Molds of the sealant and starch, which may be easier

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, friends!

A few years ago I was shooting video on your Youtube channel, where did Molds of silicone sealant and starch. This method is very amazing and pretty well proved itself. Of course, the factory Molds Molds or molded from a special silicone is better, but they are much more expensive.

And as if in a hurry to do some form and not expensive, then this option, I believe the best. Besides Molds are made rather quickly.

This method century dinner and I did not invent it, but used it more than once, always turns out perfectly.

Before working best to wear gloves and open the window, because the silicone sealant smells strongly of vinegar. I work without gloves, I was not comfortable in them, but you did not take an example from me.

I used for the manufacture of:

· Silicone sealant (ethyl);

· Any starch (corn or potato);

For the price turned out the following:

Silicone Sealant on our construction market is now worth 100 - 110 rubles per tube. You can find and cheaper. Starch I bought the last time for 80 rubles per kilogram.

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So it turns out that less than 200 rubles can namesit a lot of weight for the manufacture of Molde, about 700 grams.

With regard to the injection of silicone for the production of Mold and its not always sell, and the price is not happy. See for yourself on the Internet, as it now stands.

Let's get down to the production.

That would not be unfounded, I decided to mix the mass immediately from both starches from potato and corn. I have a white silicone, but also made of a transparent, no difference has not noticed.

The saucer squeezed a little bit of silicone and poured on top of a pile of starch.

Vymeshivat I started by adding more if necessary starch. there are no proportions of starch added until, until the mixture no longer stick to hands.

The result was a soft plastic mass. The softness can be adjusted by the amount of starch than it is, the harder the mass will be and vice versa.

Now you can remove the form with anything. I have at hand was a small lamp in the form of bears, but with his face and make an impression.

No smearing (but better lubricated with oil or vaseline), nalepil mass on the face and gently removed. All the details, even the smallest, perfectly etched. Mold left to dry for several hours. After drying Molds did not smell like vinegar.

After drying, the MDL becomes like a real rubber, stretches a bit and returns to the return form.

And now try to fill with plaster.

Mold greased with vegetable oil. In a glass spread a little plaster and poured into a mold.

An hour later, he pulled a plaster cast. It turned out great! Well conveys all the little details and texture.

In general, my friends, if you are quick you need to make the shape, this option fits just fine.

Look interesting recipes for mass forming in Molde and for modeling:

Super simple recipe for self-hardening "plastic"

self-hardening mass

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