4 creative ideas of recycling bottles of medicine

  • Dec 28, 2019

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I wrote a similar article, but there was very little description and video from our Youtube channel. Many have complained that there is no possibility to watch the video, so I decided to write a detailed, step by step wizard-class photo.

To work you will need:

· Glass bottles of medication (we have from the medical alcohol);

· Acrylic paints;

· Hot glue, PVA glue, adhesive polymer;

· Universal paint in the can;

· Masking tape;

· Rhinestones;

· Vegetable oil, fir needle oil;

· Medical alcohol;

· Wooden skewers;

· Delicate Ribbon;

· Eggshell;

· Decoupage napkin;

· Beads.

Do not worry so much material - it's all 4 ideas. I think if you are one of those people who are constantly engaged in needlework and do any crafts, most of the materials you already have.
And those who are far from the craft, you find it easier to buy something ready in the store, and do not waste your time reading this article.

The first idea.

Step 1.

Bottle of white paint Acrylic paint - this will be a primer layer, and dry 1-2 hours. Apply hot glue patterns, all which will tell you your imagination.

Step 2.

Paint the bottle black acrylic paint.

Step 3.

Hot glue tinted bronze acrylic paint.

Step 4.

Cover crafts universal varnish from a container.

Mini vase ready.

The second idea.

Step 1.

On the upper part of the bottle glue masking tape.

Step 2.

A part which is lower scotch first paint white paint, and when dry ones, paint bronze paint.

Step 3.

When the paint is dry, remove the tape and glue rhinestones.

Step 4.

The glass of any vegetable oil pour 50 grams. Add the lid is not fully fir essential oil and 2 tea spoons of alcohol, mix well.

Step 5.

Pour liquid into the bottle 3 and set the skewers.

Homemade flavor to the house is ready. Sticks oiled and will smell to the room.

The third idea.

Step 1.

Butylek paint with white paint. Leave to dry for 1-2 hours.

Step 2.

Glue bottle on eggshells in the PVA glue. Crush the shell and paste the neck, too.

For faster drying, you can use a hair dryer.

Step 3.

Paint shell acrylic paint into 2 layers. Dry them.

Step 4.

From napkin decoupage torn off the bits you want and glue them to the shell.

Sticking to the PVA diluted with half water. Apply the adhesive fragment from center to edge.

Step 5.

Cover with acrylic lacquer.

Cute vase ready, you can put flowers.

The fourth idea.

Step 1.

We paint the bottle with white paint and dry. Glue the ribbon crystals on polymer adhesive.

Step 2.

At the bottom of the neck and pasted beads.

Step 3.

Glued part of a broken brooch.

Hack ready!

That's how they look together.

Are there any other interesting ideas we have implemented:

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