2 experimental flowerpot of sand and cement

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear readers!

This summer, I decided to conduct an experiment and made a 2-flowerpot flower pot a little unusual species. I think the experiment was a success and the result is very interesting. I particularly liked the golden pot, which is a bit like a pineapple.

I used for the manufacture of vases:

· Regular pit sand;

· Cement type M 400;

· Pelvis;

· Metal mesh;

· Shears metal;

· Latex gloves;

· Toothpicks;

· The lid of a plastic bucket;

· Paint in cans (silver and gold).

Vases look in the garden is very unusual, and immediately attracted attention. All those who came to visit us were surprised and did not immediately guess what they are made.

Step 1.

The pelvis poured 2 parts sand to 1 part cement. Mix well in a dry form.

Water was added little by little, that would be the solution to produce a liquid. Density should be such that from the solution can be easily sculpt balloons, and they do not fall apart, then there should be quite thick.

Step 2.

I cut a piece of metal grid and bent at four sides ledges small, about 2 centimeters.

Step 3.

The solution was cast grid, about 1 cm thick - this will be the bottom of the flowerpot.

Always wear rubber gloves, or cement to fret your hands.

Step 4.

Hands began to roll small balls (5-6cm in diameter), and place them on the grid bumpers. So I laid the first row.

The balls stuck toothpicks from different angles, they are necessary, what would the second row is best kept until the solution dries.

Thus I overlaid several rows of balls.

Step 5.

In the bottom of the holes for water. Pot put in Tenek for a day, that would be dried up.

Step 6.

While the first pot dries, began to make the second. The lid from the bucket laid layer of solution 2 cm.

Step 7.

As in the first embodiment, the beads began to roll and stack them in rows. Only now the size of the balls about 3 cm in diameter.

Step 8.

I make a hole for water and sent the pot to dry.

Step 9.

After 24 hours, the pots when clutched, sprinkled with water from the inside and plastered in the same solution, only slightly thinner on. Left to dry for another 24 hours.

Step 10.

Painted vases, one silver paint, the other gold.

Step 11.

Planted flowers. All is ready!

Such pots, if they carefully paint over spray from not afraid of water. So that they can safely leave in the garden in the rain. Most likely, I'm with them and nothing will happen in the winter in the cold.

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