The use of potassium permanganate at their summer cottage

  • Mar 03, 2021
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Good afternoon, my reader. Potassium permanganate, or potassium permanganate, is a long-known antiseptic that is widely used in medicine, veterinary medicine and industry. In plant growing, it is used not only as a disinfectant, but also as a fertilizer. Potassium permanganate also effectively fights the spread of various diseases and pests.

 Plant feeding. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©
Plant feeding. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©
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Seed and seedling treatment

Before sowing seeds are disinfected in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Such treatment will eliminate all pathogens and saturate the seeds with potassium permanganate, because this trace element is necessary for future plants for active growth. From an environmental point of view, the product is considered absolutely safe if used in the correct dosages.

To process seed you must:

  • 1 gram of potassium permanganate powder;
  • 1 glass of distilled water.
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For the procedure, you need to mix the ingredients and immerse the seeds in the pink liquid for 20-30 minutes.

For prevention of seedling diseases, in particular from the black leg, the soil for planting is disinfected with potassium permanganate. First of all, soil is placed in the prepared container. The solution is made in a ratio of 1.5-2 grams of substance per 5 liters of settled water. They need to water the soil well. After that, you can start planting seeds or transplanting seedlings. Most often, such processing is carried out for vegetable crops.

Manganese based compound is also used for soil disinfection in greenhouses. When planting seedlings, a liter of pink solution is poured into pre-prepared pits. Then a young sprout is placed in them, sprinkled with earth and lightly watered on top.

For prevention of diseases and pests once a year, the greenhouse is treated with a 0.5% solution of potassium permanganate: the walls of the structure are sprayed with a spray gun, and the area around is simply watered with a solution.

Plant feeding. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©

Top dressing and spraying of plants

Top dressing of garden crops a weak light pink solution of potassium permanganate promotes the rapid growth of plants, strengthens their immunity and increases the resistance of the plantings to unfavorable weather conditions. First, the beds must be weeded and loosened.

Important. Before using the solution, the soil must be watered abundantly, otherwise you can burn the root system of the plants.

To prepare the mixture you will need:

  • 1.5 grams of potassium permanganate powder;
  • 5 liters of standing water or rainwater.

The prepared composition is watered with plantings at the root. 1 bush takes 0.5-1 liter of product, depending on the culture. Treatment with potassium permanganate allows you to suspend and completely neutralize putrefactive processes that can develop as a result of prolonged rains.

In addition to root feeding, you can carry out spraying plants with potassium permanganate. It is recommended to carry out the procedure in cloudy weather or after sunset. This precaution will help prevent burns to the foliage. For processing, you need to prepare a light pink solution: 200 milliliters of water and 5 milliliters of a weak solution of manganese.

Important. Such spraying is often not recommended, since an excess of a trace element can harm the plants.

Potassium permanganate has been successfully used in summer cottages for many years. But in everything you need to observe the measure. The use of this substance not for its intended purpose can lead to errors in plant care: at best, it can lead to a poor harvest, and at worst, it will cause severe harm.

Do you use potassium permanganate at your summer cottage?

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