I bought a bunch of candy and made a gift for the sweet tooth

  • Dec 28, 2019

Friends, Hello!

Soon the New Year and on this occasion decided to make a gift with your hands, or rather a bunch of chocolates. It will be a great gift for the sweet tooth, which can make yourself for 30-40 minutes and investing 700-1000 rubles.

For the manufacture of gift you will need:

· Different chocolates;

· Wooden skewers;

· Narrow scotch;

· Wrapping bright paper;

· Satin Ribbon.

If desired, you can add a bunch a couple of small stuffed animals that make the gift even more attractive.

Step 1.

By chocolates primatyvaem tape skewers. If chocolate is large, tiled, for example, it is necessary to use a pair of shpazhek. The rest is sufficient for one.

Step 2.

We begin to lay out the chocolate to form a bouquet. There are already at your discretion and imagination. Adding the chocolate in a bouquet wrapped with tape skewers.

Step 3.

Fold wrapping paper so that they form a triangle and cut off the excess.

Step 4.

Sweets laid on a triangle and wrap the bouquet. We wrap so as not to be seen shpazhek. For bonding using an adhesive tape.

Pen bouquet wrapped with a piece of the same paper and tying a bow of satin ribbon.

Bouquet ready. In principle, such a gift can be given not only to Nova Year, but also on other occasions.

What would you have been more clear as to wrap the bouquet, watch the video.

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