Steep wall clock in the style of steampunk

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear friends!

I made a steep wall clock in the style of steampunk cardboard and other materials, and I want to share with you the step by step master class. The clock will look elegant in almost any environment, but it is best suited as a decoration in any cafe.

These watches are difficult to buy in the store, so it's ready business idea that is easy to implement and to find buyers.

Manufacturing costs are minimal. And, if you are engaged in crafts and crafts, most of the materials you exactly there.

For the manufacture of hours, I used materials:

· Thick corrugated cardboard;

· The knife, scissors, a ruler and a marker;

· Hot glue and PVA glue;

· Clockwork (ordered on Aliekspress);

· Thin and thick foamiran;

· Printing gears (you can download it here);

· Parts of broken electronics;

· Screws;

· Acrylic paints.

I did watch slowly, about 2 days for 3-4 hours. It can all be done in 1 day if you wish.

The cost price of my clock to get about $ 100 or even less.

Step 1.

Thick cardboard cut out 3 square. 2 pieces measuring 35 by 35 cm, and a 10 by 10 cm.

Step 2.

Larger squares glued together with hot glue. Raschertil upper square diagonally and glued small.

Step 3.

In the center of the small square has done a through-hole with scissors. On the back side of the clock mechanism put around his marker and cut out unnecessary office knife.

Cut to such a depth that would clockwork freely entered and is not stuck.

Step 4.

Foamiran cut into thin rectangles and squares of different sizes.

Step 5.

Foamiran glued to cardboard, using PVA glue in a chaotic manner. Where gaps remained, glued pieces straight over the first layer.

The ends also pasted foamiranom.

Step 6.

Cut paper gear and glued them to thick foamiran. When the glue has dried, cut everything. Removed pasted paper gear.

We get this gear such. If you have a ready-made gears, this step can be skipped.

Step 7.

Gears located on the area of ​​hours and stuck them on the PVA glue.

Step 8.

Parts of broken electronics (for me from a broken VCR), situated on the clock and pasted on the hot glue.

Step 9.

Screws made of Roman numerals: 12, 3, 6 and 9. All did not do, as happened all too cluttered.

Step 10.

Because a handful of dry peas chosen equal halves. I glued them on the clock - it will be improvised rivets. Pasted on the PVA.

Step 11.

From the banks of juice broke off "key". I cut out from the rear recess in the cardboard and pasted it. I had to trim several times that would catch the center of gravity, and that would be the clock hanging straight.

Step 12.

Now the fun part, painting. The first layer I black. First, a large brush painted and finished the hard to reach places a small brush. Just painted ends and the rear side. Left to dry for 1 hour.

The second layer is colored dark brown color.

Third layer - green dye, which mimics rust on copper.

The fourth layer - the color of coffee.

Fifth layer - bronze paint.

And the sixth layer slightly highlighted some elements of silver paint on the clock.

Step 13.

Clocks black and merge with the general background, so I painted them white nail polish.

Step 14.

Set clockwork, put the arrow in place and insert the batteries. Watches come alive!

Now the clock can be hung on the wall and admire.

If you have something left unclear, watch the video:

Take a look: Brutal bottle Steampunk

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Thank you very much!