The easiest recipe of papier-mache

  • Dec 28, 2019

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Today I want to show you, as I have many years of making papier-mache. This is the easiest and most effective way without any problems. Papier-mache can be done very quickly and without unnecessary ingredients. Within a few minutes you get a lot of that can be run at once.

After drying, the papier-mache turns out very strong, like a tree.

For the manufacture of I use:

· Toilet paper (the cheapest);

· PVA adhesive (carpenter or building);

· Basin;

· The hot water;

· Rag;

· Fork.

Saw a lot of different recipes papier-mâché, there is added a lot of things: starch, flour, plaster, oil, detergent means, etc. I tried different recipes, but I stopped at this, because it is the easiest and not nearly as good others.

Best of all showed themselves PVA adhesives 801 and 802. Clay has a pungent odor and its composition has a plasticizer which gives the weight of ductility.

Step 1.

Moat roll of toilet paper into small pieces and dump them into a bowl.

Step 2.

Pour boiling water over the paper. That is boiling water, so the paper faster razmoknet and collapse. Leave for 15-20 minutes, that would be plenty of little cool and could pick up.

Step 3.

I take the fork and begin to "shake up" a lot of what she would have even more collapsed into smaller parts.

Step 4.

On a plate put a cloth (gauze can be), but on a wet rag paper stack in small portions. I wring the paper until a semi-dry state.

Step 5.

Wrung paper pulping hands, that there would be no large lumps.

Step 6.

The pulverized pulp pour PVA glue. Always pour on the "eye", then Mixing look or to add the glue, or even pulp.

Thoroughly knead until smooth, which does not stick to hands.

It turns soft, plastic mass of papier-mache, which is very convenient and pleasant to work with.

Mass store wrapped in the package 2 in the refrigerator. Kept more than a month, nothing happened to her. No smell, no mildew, and the like. Apparently adhesive includes an antiseptic, which prevents the occurrence of different muck.

Depending on the layer thickness, papier-mache dries 2-6 days. There is a small shrinkage, but noticed only at high layers.

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