Christmas trees of bottle brushes

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, hello, dear friends!

Very soon the New Year, and while there is still time to do Christmas crafts. And today will show you how to make a small Christmas tree from a bottle brush. Yes, yes, from the brush. From it turns out nice and is very simple to manufacture herringbone.

For manufacturing you will need:

· Bottle brush;

· Scissors, pliers;

· The lid of the plastic bottle;

· Clay;

· Green paint in the can;

· Hot glue;

· Belt with rhinestones;

· Sequins.

As you can see, the materials are very simple and affordable. And to make a Christmas tree under the force of every 1-1.5 hours.

The big request to those who are all easier to buy and do not bother, pass by, do not waste your precious time on this article.

And it is interesting, let's go!

Step 1.

Take the scissors, brush, and we cut it under the cone. Do not cut a lot at once, it is better for a little bit to make sure that does not mess up the brush.

Step 2.

Break off from the plastic handle brush, it is not needed. Use pliers for this.

Step 3.

The lid of the bottle ramming any clay. Stuck in his brush.

Step 4.

Paint brush green paint from a container.

Better to paint outdoors or in a well ventilated area. If this is not possible, you can use acrylic paint, water-based, it is odorless.

Step 5.

In the cover tape is pasted small crystals. For gluing use hot glue.

Step 6.

On clay pour glitter and press down with your fingers, so they slammed into it.

Step 7.

On top of Christmas trees glue shiny snowflake, which will replace the star.

Step 8.

Cut a thin strip of ribbon and rhinestones wrapped Christmas tree. The result was a shiny garland.

Herringbone is ready, it is perfectly decorate your desktop or shelf.

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Very thank you, friends!