Winter panels. Panels with your own hands

  • Dec 28, 2019

Friends, Hello!

Winter is just around the corner. And we wanted to make a panel on the subject, or rather, saving panels. Panels with your own hands just to make the point that even a novice can handle!

For the manufacture of panels we have used:

· Dense burlap;

· PVA glue and hot glue;

· Scissors;

· Ice cream sticks;

· Cones small;

· Decorative plastic sprigs;

· Acrylic white paint;

· Universal varnish-spray in the can.

Burlap we buy in the market, where they sell fabrics. Plastic branches can be replaced by real fir or others. After varnishing they will not crumble. As for the rest of the stuff, you can use anything you like, do not be afraid to include fantasy.

This decorative panel will look great in almost any interior. It can be hung on a wall or on a door, for example.

Step 1.

Take a piece of burlap size of 46 cm by 30 cm. On all 4 sides take out 3-4 thread. They pulled out very easily.

Step 2.

All 4 sides sizing glue PVA narrow strip. This is to ensure that the material is not dissolved further.

Step 3.

Glue one of the drawn yarn to the sacking on the hot glue. For this thread will hang panels.

Step 4.

Now we produce several flowers of burlap strips measuring 6 to 38 cm. Describe in words and show in the pictures - it's hard. Decided to simply insert a piece of video.

Step 5.

From small pieces of burlap cut leaves. Along the edges of the adhesive be applied when it is a little grab, prune unnecessary.

Step 6.

Spread all of the components on the panel, as you tell a fantasy and begin to stick to the hot glue.

Step 7.

A little tinted tips of twigs, buds and flowers. It will snow imitation.

Step 8.

On the back side, where the rope for hanging, is pasted on hot glue stick for ice cream. If you do not stick, a panel on the wall will not hang flat canvas.

Step 9.

Spray the panels universal varnish from a container.

The panel is ready!

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