Steampunk Brutal bottle with his hands

  • Dec 28, 2019

Greetings to you, the readers of my channel!

Today will show you how I did bottle decor in steampunk style. The decor is quite simple and not expensive on materials. Zadekorirovat can be any bottle with any beverage inside.

The result is a brutal bottle as if coated with metal, and more specifically copper, oxidized sheets. This bottle is exactly like any man, if it is present it as a gift. And, after emptying, can be reused, pouring into it any drinks.

A separate request to those who are all easier to buy, go to the store, do not read this article, do not waste your time. Although you are unlikely to buy a bottle at the store ...

Materials needed:

· Bottle with a drink or empty;

· The thin foamiran (FOM) of 1 mm thick;

· Scissors, ruler, stationery knife, brush;

· Nail polish remover;

· PVA adhesive (carpenter or building);

· Gears (from hours or more);

· Small screws, pieces of plastic, different stuff;

· Dry peas;

· Acrylic paints of different colors;

· Acrylic lacquer.

I do not know about you, but I really like the style of steampunk. In this style you can decorate anything and will look great.

Step 1.

Foamiran sliced ​​into smaller pieces of various sizes.

Foamiran better to use a thin, no thicker than 1 mm. Since it is very convenient to operate, easy to stick on the bottle. it will be much harder with thick.

Step 2.

Bottle carefully rubbed the nail polish remover. This is for the fact that to degrease it, and that would be the best PVA glue grabbed.

Step 3.

He smeared glue on the bottle and began to glue the pieces foamirana. Gluing is so that the seams were randomly rather than in a single row. Where we get more slots and gaps pasted pieces straight over the first layer.

Tape off the bottle and the same cover. Left to dry for an hour or two.

Here's what I got at this stage.

Step 4.

Now it's time to glue the gears, shurupchiki, pieces of plastic and other trash. You can use a lot of things, just turn on the imagination to decor.

All this is stuck on the PVA. Gears covered pieces foamirana.

Step 5.

Take the dry peas and selected halves equally. It will rivets that stick to the same PVA.

We reserve the bottle for 1 hour, until the glue dries out a bit.

Step 6.

I painted the whole bottle with black acrylic paint and leave it for about 2 hours to complete the drying.

Then, the method of "dry brush" walked the dark brown paint.

Then he used the coffee color.

Quite a bit messy painted green paint like copper oxides.

And the most recent layer of colored bronze paint, too, the method of "dry brush".

Step 7.

Carefully covered bottle of acrylic paint on 2 coats. Now it can be cleaned with a damp cloth or gently washed in cold water.

The bottle is ready, you can give!

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