Stylish balls of paper in 5 minutes

  • Dec 28, 2019

And hello again, dear readers!

I want to share with you how to make a stylish balls of paper. Such a balloon made of paper can be hung on the Christmas tree, for example, is only sticking to it from the thread eyelet. These balls do is pretty simple: print the pattern, cut and glue. The matter of five minutes.

For the manufacture of the balls will need:

· Template balls (you can download it here):

· Stationery knife, ruler, scissors;

· Any adhesive paper.

I printed the pattern on glossy photo paper that would have the balls to get shiny. Not be printed at home, and where to print photos. For each sheet, if I'm not mistaken, I paid 25 rubles. And can be printed on ordinary office paper, but it is not so beautiful.

Step 1.

Cut along the lines of the pattern. Conveniently cut office knife, so it will be faster and smoother than scissors.

The result of 3 strips on each ball.

Step 2.

Dedicated lines, which form a semicircle paced sharp scissors. A little scratching and prodavlivaya paper. It would be better if instead of scissors to use not a pen. This fold line, without forcing them to be very difficult to bend.

Step 3.

2 glued individually ring. Shown on the template space for the adhesive, so that no wrong.

, It turned out like a cross put one ring to another.

Third lane until sticking. Insert it between the two rings, as shown in the photo.

And third glue strip in a ring.

Step 4.

Now we have to bend along fold lines which are scratched with scissors.

Tuck costs carefully, slowly, so as not to break or crush the whole ball.

With other patterns Do the same.

Here is a short video of how to place a third strip and bend along the lines of:

All the balls are ready. If you want to hang on the Christmas tree balls, just stick thread.

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