Flowering tree of plastic bottles

  • Dec 28, 2019

Greetings to you, my dear friends!

Plastic bottle - this is a very common thing in our homes. Application of the material varies in a very wide range and is limited only by imagination. I, in turn, want to share with you one of the ideas and show how several bottles can be quite simple, but very cute crafts - flowering tree.

For the manufacture of handicrafts need the following:

· 6 plastic bottles of 1.5 liters volume;

· Scissors;

· Marker;

· Hot glue;

· Small, artificial flowers.

Step 1.

If necessary, clean the bottle from dirt and dust. Then, cut the tapered portion (upper portion) of the six bottles as shown in the photo below. Make a smooth mark in a circle as follows: we place a marker for the desired height, place your hand, put the bottle on the table and scroll through it, touching the writing part.

Step 2.

Remove the plastic pieces with a threaded ring.

Step 3.

Just as in the first step, making marks on the five (!) Cones, but much closer to the neck.

Step 4.

Cut the cone parts into strips, to mark around the neck. The width of the bands at your discretion. I repeat once again, cut into strips 5 parts sixth remains such as it is - it will be the basis of crafts.

Step 5.

Turn down the strip to the sides, the tree was lush.

Step 6.

Now, you need to glue all the pieces together. Apply hot glue onto the neck of the cone and uncut glue thereto another. Further, in the same manner, the remaining parts of glue, to one another - spout to the neck. Limb strips, as they approach the upper tier can be gradually reduced to wood was more natural, a pyramidal shape.

Step 7.

To blossom tree, you need to stick to the tip of each strip of artificial flower. Basis, the lower part, so it is possible to decorate with flowers, making of them border.

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