How to drill glass bottle, tile or glass

  • Dec 28, 2019

Greetings to you, fans of tinkering with his own hands!

Today I want to tell you how to drill a glass bottle, tile or ordinary glass. And as can be drilled ceramic ware, if necessary.

The huge request, if you know how to drill, just pass by, you will not be interested. And for those who still do not know, welcome to this small workshop.

I did not so long ago, about a year ago, to discover this simple way. Previously drilled tile drill for concrete. It is also an option, but not very convenient, in addition, certainly not for glass.

Drilling is needed:

· Pen for tiles;

· Drill or screwdriver;

· Water.

Feathers for drilling are of different diameter, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and others. Buy a pen can be in the hardware store and costs about 100 - 200 rubles, depending on the quality of the store.

Well, let's start!

Pen set in screwdriver. be sure to moisten with water before drilling. This is to ensure that the drill would not basking and that there were no glass dust.

For greater safety, use a mask (even medical), and eye protection.

Gently begin to drill. IMPORTANT!!! WHEN DRILLING much pressure, you should not, or the glass will crack. Check for yourself.

Periodically, you need to add water, which would negate was wet. Not even a very high quality drill, with proper maintenance will last for a long time.

The hole is obtained even. wet dust remnants thoroughly rinse with water.

And that's what happens when you apply pressure to the screwdriver

Similarly, you can drill the tile or other ceramics.

You can drill flat glass of any thickness, observing all the rules described above.

I decided to put in a bottle LED garland get interesting. Of course, still have to decorate the bottle, but that's another story.


· When drilling any strong and sudden pressure on the drill;

· Place the drilling and the drill must always be wet;

· Do not forget about your own safety, wear safety goggles and a mask;

That's all, if something is not clear, watch the video:

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