Creative night light, the moon of the foam and a flashlight

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello my readers!

A couple of years ago made a night-light moon-foam mounting and a flashlight that is worn on the head. And today I want to share with you how I did it and that it has used. In my opinion, it was very creative nochnichok.

In fact, this night light to make a very simple and at low cost for materials. And he looks unusual and very beautiful, especially in the dark.

The following materials are needed for the manufacture of:

1. Polyurethane foam cylinder 1;

2. Spherical plastic cover;

3. Adhesive tape, stationery knife, marker, sandpaper;

4. Hand cream or other lubricants;

5. The canvas of the hacksaw on metal;

6. PVA glue or hot glue;

7. Black paint (optional);

8. Flashlight.

By counting the cost I got:

· Foam - 120 rubles;

· Ceiling - 80 rubles;

· Clay rubles spent 5;

· Flashlight I was;

· Adhesive tape, knife, marker, canvas, too, was;

Total: about 200 rubles to get the original nightlight-moon. I think for classroom crafts is mere pennies.

Perhaps you have come a little bit more expensive or even cheaper.

Step 1.

The plastic diffuser is spaced marker, approximately half and sawed his paintings from a handsaw. Sawn edges sanded, yedinichku.

Step 2.

Using scotch sealed plafond two halves together. Lampshade inside carefully smeared hand cream. So to say that was at hand. In general, you can use any lubricant.

Step 3.

Shake the bottle well with foam filled the bowl, about ¾. And leave for 24 hours, which would dry foam.

Step 4.

After 24 hours the frozen foam was extracted from the ceiling and the knife cut all superfluous. If the bowl greased well, the foam is removed quite easily.

Step 5.

Sawed ball of foam in half by a hacksaw blade. Hands chose not desired foam that would have turned the ball inside the hollow.

Step 6.

In one half of the ball cut a hole that you could insert a lantern.

Step 7.

The ball must to something to stand and to hide the lower part of the canopy. For this piece of hardened foam used in which a recess cut. Painted the base black paint from the spray.

Step 8.

I put all the pieces on the lantern and stuck on the PVA glue the second half of the sphere.

Here and ready creative night light, moon.

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