Decorative plaster (stucco) with floral mesh

  • Dec 28, 2019

Welcome all!

Last summer decided to experiment and make a decorative plaster (stucco) using floristic net. In principle, I liked the result, but I made a few mistakes, eliminating that you can get a great result.

Here are the tools and materials I used:

· Grater for sandpaper;

· Emery paper yedinichku;

· A primer for the walls;

· Roller;

· Spatula;

· FLORAL grid;

· Face mask;

· Drill with a nozzle;

· Bucket;

· Building plaster gypsum-based;

· Water-based paints.

And now in more detail what and where to buy.

Grater, nazhdachku, primer, putty, roller, trowel, drill with paddle, bucket, paint - all this can be purchased at the hardware store and the construction market.

Floral mesh is often used for decoration of flowers, hence it can be purchased at a flower shop. Or, at least, ask them where to buy. I did so, came to flower and they told me where to buy. Acquired in the market, a large piece (the price will not say I do not remember, but not very expensive)

He worked on a pretty curve of the wall. If you work on a flat, the result will be much better.

Step 1.

The wall was whitewashed, and whitewash was peeling. Sanded carefully sandpaper №1. Be sure to use a mask, the dust from the whitewash very nasty and harmful.

Step 2.

Carefully primed wall deeply penetrating primer for walls and ceilings. Since the wall is very strongly absorbed, I walked 2 times with an interval of 20 minutes.

Step 3.

Knead a small amount of filler. I use "finishing", but I'm sure will suit almost any.

Step 4.

FLORAL grid is cut into small pieces of about 0.7 square meters. m. The idea is that you can use the size of the entire wall at once, then turn out perfect.

Step 5.

I began to apply the putty. First, on the upper corners that have kept the grid itself, and then the whole grid area.

Due to the fact that the wall of the curve, it is more convenient to use a small spatula, 20-25 cm.

Apply an even layer of putty, removing all unnecessary, that would be only the net may be hidden.

Step 6.

Carefully removed the grid. And he began to putty the next section.

Here was my mistake, it was necessary not to remove the first piece, apply a second and then a third and so on. And then to take all the pieces at once.

Proshpaklevat all conceived plot.

Step 7.

The grid is very easy to clean in the usual cold water. To dry it is not necessary, it does not absorb water.

Step 8.

After the plaster has dried, sanded yedinichku. A bit of noticeable transitions, but it is also the fact that poorly hides. Swept the dust from the skin with a large brush.

Step 9.

Primed did not, although the needed technology. Immediately I began to paint white latex paint.

Step 10.

After drying the first layer of the second colored, beige. Painted almost dry roller.

Paint can be absolutely any color, just that I had only these.

Well, for the first test turned out nothing, I liked the texture. If a little practice and get the hand, you can achieve a completely seamless result.

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