2 Christmas toys of foamirana

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, dear readers of my channel!

2 made Christmas decorations from foamirana and now share with you. I think it is time to start making Christmas crafts. And do Christmas toys with their own hands is very interesting, especially with children. They will love it!

"It is easier to buy and do not bother" - if you think so, then just pass by, do not waste your time reading this article.

But for all who are interested in this topic, then let's go!

For the manufacture of toys need the following materials:

1. Foamiran thick (2-3mm thick);

2. Scissors;

3. A small cup;

4. Hot glue;

5. Thick thread;

6. Wooden skewers;

7. Rhinestones.

The first toy

Step 1.

Take a thick foamiran and using a cup Burst mugs and cut them out.

It should get 8 white and 8 blue circles. Foamiran can use other colors.

Step 2.

Cut the circle in half. Halves glued together with hot glue, too, folded in half, as in the photo.

Step 3.

Glue together two halves together. Then start glue together the blanks to each other.

Step 4.

When all the pieces are glued together, deploy them in a bowl and glue, too.

Step 5.

Cut 2 slices foamirana, folded in half and twisting into the cylinder. Before twisting put a thick thread. Glue in the first cylinder in the hole of the ball. Glue in the second cylinder into the second hole.

That's all, Christmas ball from foamirana ready.

The second game.

Step 1.

Of white and violet foamirana cut out 2 strips of 14 cm by 3 cm.

Step 2.

White-striped folded in half lengthwise and cut with scissors, which would turn out something like an elongated leaf.

Step 3.

Glue a piece of white to purple, putting glue on the edges. Cut a piece of purple on white contour.

Step 4.

In the center, between the two glued pieces inserted skewer and twisting foamiran spiral.

Step 5.

Cut the glue stick and a thick thread. At the place where the thread is glued, pasted a small piece foamirana.

Step 6.

At the end of the toy is pasted ribbon hundred sequins.

The toy is ready, you can hang on the Christmas tree.

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Thank you very much!