Make a New Year's decorations for the house

  • Dec 28, 2019

All-Hello, friends!

And let's make Christmas decorations for the home. It's pretty simple decor, which perfectly fit any room. New Year just around the corner, so it is already possible to make Christmas crafts.

I appeal to those who do not love needlework and do not understand why this is, do not waste your time on this article. Simply buy anything, why do something with his own hands? Thanks!

For the manufacture of decoration materials needed:

1. Balloons;

2. Hand cream;

3. Thick HB thread the needle;

4. PVA glue and hot glue;

5. Pencil;

6. Dry branches of any tree;

7. White spray paint in the can;

8. A small flower pot;

9. Sand, wool, sequins;

If you do the crafts with the kids, it will be even better. Let them break away from gadgets and do something with their own hands!

Step 1.

Inflate several balloons to a small size, 15-20 cm in diameter is sufficient, and tying a knot. Balls generously lubricate hand cream (can be Vaseline).

Step 2.

Thick thread threaded through the needle and pierce butylek with glue through. Winding thread, which passes through the adhesive beads. After the desired amount of wound yarn on top Pour a little glue and smeared fingers. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Step 3.

Pencil we wind the same storage thread and top coated with PVA glue. After 30-40 minutes, remove the thread with a pencil.

Step 4.

After 24 hours of time to remove the beads. Pencil pushes the ball, that he would have little tack of threads. Pierce the ball and extract it.

Step 5.

Paint spray paint balls of thread, and while the paint is wet sprinkle fine glitter. Just paint the pair of dry twigs.

Step 6.

Now zadekoriruem flower pot. The first thing you can do - is to cover the pot and sprinkle with glitter PVA. Next pasted it plastic decorative twigs and berries. And added a couple of these cones.

Step 7.

We fill the pot with wet sand and sticks twigs that were painted earlier.

Step 8.

Glue thread balls on the branches. Just glue on the hot glue thread spiral that made earlier.

Step 9.

Sand camouflage cotton and sprinkle it with glitter.

New inlay ready.

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