Old amphora with their hands

  • Dec 28, 2019

Friends, I welcome you!

Old amphora made with his own hands, which according to legend, had lain in the ground for hundreds of years. Make amphora is not very difficult, the only thing a lot of time spent on dry layers.

The huge request to those who do not love needlework and does not understand why this is, do not waste your time on this master class, just walk past. Thank you!

I used for the manufacture of amphorae:

· Children's inflatable ball;

· Plastic or cardboard tube;

· Waste saucer;

· Rigid wire diameter 5.6 mm;

· Plaster bandages (you can buy in the pharmacy);

· The paper, pencil, paper tape;

· Hot glue and glue PVA carpenter;

· Papier mache;

· Aerosol paint, black and silver.

Well friends, are you ready? Then let's go!

Step 1.

Inflating the ball the size of what we want to do an amphora. Plaster bandage strips and cut into small pieces. Too big not cut with them is not very convenient to work with.

Step 2.

Plastic or cardboard tube put to the inflated ball and stuck to the wet bandage. A few minutes you need to hold hands or something to rely on, that would be the bandage and grabbed the tube was straight.

Step 3.

At the bottom of the saucer fastened. Also, using a plaster bandage. Then, paste bandages whole ball.

Step 4.

Of stiff wire do handle amphorae. Make a form which you like best. Amphora handle is attached to the bandages.

In general, a plaster bandage quickly grasped, and so it was convenient to fix all the pieces on the ball. We reserve the bandages to dry for an hour or two.

Step 5.

Cut the paper into strips and sticking them on the amphora using PVA glue. When pasted the whole ball, top coat with more glue. Leave to dry for 24-30 hours.

Step 6.

Cooking papier-mache. This toilet paper with PVA glue. Handle wrapped with paper tape and begin to besiege amphora papier-mache. When the entire surface covered, leave for 3 days, it would be good to dry.

Step 7.

After 3 days, when the papier-mâché has evaporated completely, Amphora has become very hard as wood. Draw in pencil any image that you would ever think.

Step 8.

Hot glue repeat circuit pattern which drew pencil.

If you find it difficult to draw out of your head, open, Yandex pictures, for example, and type in "patterns", "simple patterns," "oriental patterns" and the like. There's a lot of ideas.

Step 9.

It's time to paint the amphora. I used spray paint, the cheapest Chinese. I use 2 colors, black and silver. Completely painted in black and left for 20 minutes to dry the paint.

Then sprayed silver paint in the lid and a sponge struck silver on an amphora.

Amphora is ready.

If something remains unclear, take a look at the video:

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Thank you very much, friends, for your attention!