Decor bottles shoe polish

  • Dec 28, 2019


Recently exhibited article "Stylish decor bottles" 5 minutes "." Many liked the work, and I decided to write another short article on decoration of bottles. Decor with your hands to make a fairly simple and not expensive.

need for decoration:

· Glass bottles;

· Paper tape (masking tape);

· Shoe Polish black and brown;

· Shoe brush and cloth;

· Acrylic lacquer.

For a couple of hours can make unusual decoration.

Step 1.

Bottle of paste with paper tape. Tear off small pieces from the roll and pasted overlap each other in a chaotic manner, that is, how horrible.

Use your fingers to smooth the tape that he is well stuck, and that would not have remained below the air bubbles.

Step 2.

Once pasted the whole bottle, it's time to paint shoe polish. Apply the cream on the brush or directly on the bottle and begin to spread on the bottle carefully prokrashivaya. Apply 2 coats one by one.

Caused the cream on a small area and immediately wipe with a cloth. Extra cream to remove, and tape zatoniruetsya. The joints between the pieces of adhesive tape will be darker than the general background, which will give the bottle a unique texture.

Step 3.

After the cream is applied to the bottle and removed the surplus cream leave to dry for an hour.

Step 4.

We cover the bottle with acrylic lacquer. It is better to cover the 2-3 times at intervals of 1 hour, then the bottle can be safely be washed.

Bottles ready!

It can be used as a vase, or simply put on the shelf as a "dust collector".

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Thank you very much!