As I was doing the ring of a nut

  • Dec 28, 2019


I decided to do something like a ring of stainless nuts. And I planned to implement it without power, all by hand. Of course it all happened, but spent a lot of time and effort. It took me about 6 hours to his product.

If you decide to do something like that, be sure to use power tools. It saves a lot of time and effort.

I used for the manufacture of the ring:

• Nut with a stainless steel thread 16;

• Bench;

• Files of different sizes;

• gas burner (not required);

• emery paper of different rooms;

• Zirconia stone;

• Super glue.

Ring went very even nothing, looks cool and is very similar to silver. The only stone stuck on superglue that, in my opinion, is not very reliable. Although, after a year stone held securely.

Step 1.

Hung on a wire nut and warmed to red emission gas burner. Then leave to cool. On many forums metalworking read that the way will be a little softer than metal. I like that it is not noticed.

Step 2.

Nut clamped in a vise and a round file began to grind the inner part, adjusting the size of a finger, which will wear the ring.

Step 3.

When the inner size ready started to grind the outer edges nuts flat file. Gave nut shape of a circle with a pristine face.

Step 4.

Marker painted on the future shape of the nut ring and began to grind too much different files.

Step 5.

Whittle away all unnecessary, shape suits me. Now paced bar for sharpening knives.

Step 6.

Skewers clocked sandpaper number 400 and properly handled inside of the ring.

Step 7.

Now you need to polish the ring to a mirror finish. For this I used sandpaper following numbers: 360, 500, 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000. Polishing of smaller numbers to more. For good, in the end you need to use a polishing paste, but I was not there.

Step 8.

To decorate the ring used a black zirconium. I bought it in the store, which sells everything for jewelers. Gave him, if memory serves, about 200 rubles.

Solvent wiped surface and using liquid superglue stuck stone.

I get the cool ring handmade. The camera transmits a bad look, but live he looks great!

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Thank you very much for your attention!