PVA glue + sawdust. Good replacement Papier-mache

  • Dec 28, 2019

Good day, dear friends!

In the Internet I have found an interesting recipe that can perfectly replace papier-mache. It is sawdust and carpenter's glue PVA. Yet this recipe is called liquid wood, but with the difference that there is need wood dust.

This recipe is quite old, still in Soviet times it was used.

For the preparation you will need:

1. PVA glue (carpenter);

2. Small sawdust.

Now in more detail and step by step.

Step 1.

To prepare pulp is best suited fine sawdust. I used wood filler for kitty litter. It pellets that if you pour water fall into a good fine sawdust.

Step 2.

After the granules played havoc and turned into chips, wring out excess water and shifts into the cup.

Step 3.

The pressed sawdust add PVA glue. Adding to the eye, that would get a lot of Mixing, not too dry and not too thin. What would she clung bit.

Step 4.

For the sake of the experiment tried to put a layer (approximately 4-5 mm) to a plastic bottle, which would see what would happen after drying. Just blinding ball of about 4 cm in diameter.

A few words in conclusion.

Weight dry as much time as papier-mache. It turns pretty hard on it, any plaster falls perfectly. Unfortunately, the mass is not waterproof, it is necessary for this paint or varnish.

Sawdust can be taken in large quantities almost free of charge in any sawing workshop. That bag of fine sawdust can be bought for 50 rubles.

PVA glue is needed is a carpenter, not clerical. We at PVA 801.

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