Stylish décor bottles of "5 minutes"

  • Dec 28, 2019

Good day, dear friends!

It has not had bottles decor. And today, make a very simple but stylish decor "5 minutes". 5 minutes - literally, as you can make the decor is very simple and fast. Bottle - a great cast-off material for their decoration and various crafts.

For decoration I used:

· Any glass bottles;

· Solvent or nail polish remover;

· Hot glue;

· Acrylic paint (black and white);

· Acrylic varnish.

Here we go!

Step 1.

Bottles properly wipe solvent. It is necessary that they be degreased and whatever hot glue clung.

Step 2.

Hot glue begins to "draw" a variety of patterns. Are what come to mind, the main thing to include fantasy.

Step 3.

Paint bottles of acrylic paint. One entirely in black, the other in white.

Step 4.

When the paint is completely dry, passes through the hot glue by dry brush.

On the black paint bottle adhesive patterns with white paint and black on white bottle.

Step 5.

We cover both bottles with acrylic lacquer.

Stylish decor is ready! We get a great bottle.

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