Mini a present with his own hands

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear friends!

Do you love to make presents with their own hands? For example, a gift from her mother, a gift to the teacher or a friend? So today, we make a little present - magnet on the refrigerator with their own hands. This simple but cute gift idea that can be done in a couple of hours.

For the manufacture of present need:

· Cap from spray paint;

· Hot glue;

· The polymer cement "Titan" or the other;

· Carton;

· Jute twine;

· Delicate ribbon;

· A piece of soft wire;

· Magnets;

· A small bouquet of artificial flowers.

Step 1.

The cap of the spray paint cut lengthwise into halves. This is the basis of small magnets.

Step 2.

With hot melt glue mate cap on cardboard and cut.

Step 3.

Inflict on the workpiece polymeric glue smeared uniformly stick and begin to wind jute twine.

Swathes of completely and the bottom too.

Step 4.

Glue on top of the open-work webbing.

Step 5.

Take a piece of wire, we put a little hot glue and wrapped with twine.

Get a handle. Glue it in place.

Step 6.

Take 3 jute twine segment, approximately 30 cm long and weave braid.

Step 7.

Glue on top of the braid crafts and a piece of the inner part.

Step 8.

On the back side glue a small magnet to the polymer cement.

Step 9.

Put into a small bouquet.

That's all mini gift - magnet on the refrigerator ready.

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