Tree bonsai with their hands. Stepping MK

  • Dec 28, 2019

Greetings, dear friends!

I have long wanted to make a small artificial tree or bonsai. Finally, I did it and I want to share with you what I got. Tree came a height of about 70 cm. He made his long, about a week for 2-3 hours per day. It can be done in 2-3 days if desired.

The tree is perfectly decorate your house or will be a wonderful gift.

For the manufacture of wood I used:

• Soft wire (for binding rebar is sold in the construction market);

• The plaster bandage (approximately 50p per roll, is sold in a pharmacy);

• Masking tape;

• gypsum or alabaster;

• Construction plaster "Finish";

• PVA glue joiner;

• Hot glue;

• Acrylic paints;

• Acrylic varnish (matte better);

• Stones;

• Artificial turf (Sisal);

• Deep Dish;

• Artificial leaves.

Now, let's detail the steps and analyze the entire process.

Step 1.

Ring of wire cut and align hands in flat harness. The edges immediately wrapped with masking tape (electrical tape can be) that they had not bloomed. I measure out a length of 80 cm and trims excess wire.

Step 2.

Add in a few more places tape where to start tree branches and roots.

Step 3.

Well, now include fantasy and begin to give the tree form. Twisting together form a 2-4 wire branch of the tree. Just turn down the wire from the bottom, it will root.

What would not decayed branches twisted them in several places pieces of wire.

Here's what I got at this stage.

Step 4.

Cut the plaster bandages into strips and smaller pieces. Moistened bint in the water and begin to wrap the entire tree. Stripes wrap the trunk, roots and large branches, and small pieces are small and thin twigs.

Step 5.

Take the plastic plate, and we clean it from the inside major sandpaper. You need a good scratch the surface, which would securely hold the plaster in it.

Dilute a quantity of gypsum or plaster, buckle roots sized plates and pour. Now the tree will stand securely.

Step 6.

Now is the time to form the tree trunk and branches. I pour a little PVA glue, add water to the eye and poured plaster construction gypsum-based "finish." The solution needs a very dense, like plasticine, so it will be easier vyleplivat form.

On barrel superimpose layer 1 cm, and occasionally 2-3 cm, which would give thickening at the bottom. Fingers do divorce, it would be similar to the bark of a tree.

Twigs cover with the same putty but only sparse, like sour cream. By using a small brush for application.

Step 7.

A few hours later, when the plaster has dried well, paced large sandpaper on a tree trunk.

Step 8.

Now the most interesting - it's painting the tree. To paint using white acrylic paint with the addition of different callers. First painted the entire tree in a dark brown color.

Then painted plaster, which is poured into a cup of green acrylic paint.

Then just started to play with different colors and put on the tree. That's what I did.

Step 9.

Wood painted, now it's time to decorate the plate. On the inside of the cast small stones.

Step 10.

The entire structure covered with an acrylic lacquer. I did not have a matte lacquer, glossy covered, on the trunk of a tree shining like after the rain.

Step 11.

Plate outside sanded and covered with brown acrylic paint. Next, the method of dry brush, apply some black. In the end, covered with acrylic lacquer.

Step 12.

Long thought of what to do grass, or at least something similar. Casually gaze fell on sisal. Finely chopped with scissors and sisal turned out quite Useful grass.

Namazyukal PVA glue and glued the grass in place. Just using skewers, by stuffing grass in the cracks between the stones. In my opinion, it came out very even nothing!

Step 13.

Foliage decided to make plastic decorative flowers, or rather not to do, and use. Leaves just come in size.

Glued to the tree leaves with hot glue, a pretty tedious process, I tell you!

Well that's all, my tree - bonsai ready.

I hope you like the master - class? If you had something that is not clear, ask questions in the comments, I will answer with pleasure.

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Many thanks!