Fantastic material for handicrafts and homemade. Polymorphus

  • Dec 28, 2019

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Today I want to show you a very interesting material for handicrafts and homemade. it superplastik or as it is also called, Polymorphus. It is white granules are sold in bags or plastic jars. When he appeared a few years ago, it was very expensive. And now pretty much fell in price, but on different sites price varies considerably.

From this plastic can do anything. With a little skill, you can do any crafts and homemade. Here is a small example of what you can create from it.

To work you will need:

· Superplastik;

· Is there any capacity;

· Hot water.

Step 1.

The capacitance slightly granules Polymorphus pour and pour hot water. Better than boiling water, quickly softened.

Step 2.

Plastic hot water begins to soften and becomes transparent. The granules coalesce into a single mass. Depending on the number of pours granules, plastic fully warms from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes.

Step 3.

Now you can mold plastic everything your heart desires. Plastic gradually cools and begins to solidify, turning into a real, very strong plastic.

A huge plus of this plastic is that it is reusable. Made product, not like or tired, again immersed in boiling water, wait and sculpt something new.

Watch a video about this stuff

By passing the manufacture of handicrafts, Polymorphus can also be used for repair of various parts.

It can be painted in different colors by adding different dyes dissolved plastic, as well as to paint a ready-made product.

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