The idea of ​​the wonderful crafts from glass glasses

  • Dec 28, 2019

Everyone, Hello!

Today we will do a wonderful, wonderful crafts from the glass pot-bellied glass on the stem. Hack has turned out really beautiful and useful. It will decorate any room or it can even donate.

The following materials were used for the manufacture of:

• Glass goblet on a stem;

• Double-sided tape;

• Acrylic paint: white;

• Nail polish remover;

• Acrylic lacquer;

• Eggshell;

• PVA adhesive (carpenter);

• Decoupage napkin;

• Self-adhesive beads.

Make crafts can be a few hours, nothing complicated, even a novice can handle.

Step 1.

Wipe the glass nail polish remover. It is necessary to remove that dirt, dust and so on. D.

Step 2.

From office paper (or other) cut circle. On the circle glue double-sided tape. Next, glue the paper circle on one side of the glass.

Step 3.

Cover glass of white acrylic paint. It is very convenient to do a small piece of foam rubber. When the paint is dry, remove the tape and a paper circle. Some subject cleans paint, which came under the paper.

Step 4.

Paste the entire glass eggshell. Just leave untouched the place that is not painted over. Stuck on the carpenter's glue PVA, it dries quickly and holds well.

Putting a piece of eggshell, presses her finger. Shells broken into 2-4 parts, which are convenient to push and put in place with a toothpick.

Step 5.

When the glue has dried, cover the egg shell white acrylic paint. If just 1 bad to paint, then after 1-2 hours can be repeated. Reserve until the paint is completely dry.

Step 6.

Select decoupage napkin (three-ply napkin) with a suitable pattern size. ALWAYS hands tearing a fragment pattern.

Why are your hands, rather than a pair of scissors? Ragged edges merge with the background and can not be seen, as if cut with scissors, the edges will be visible.

For gluing tissues using the same PVA glue diluted with water 50 to 50. Glue a soft brush from the center towards the edges, smoothing wrinkles.

Step 7.

After several hours, when the glue has dried, coated whole glass acrylic lacquer and left for 1-2 hours.

Step 8.

Was used adhesive polubusiny. Stick them around the "window" and the upper border of the glass.

Step 9.

Light a candle and place it in a glass.

The result was a wonderful, romantic candle holder.

If you had something that is not clear, then watch the video.

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