What to do with dried silicone sealant? There would be no happiness, yes ...

  • Dec 10, 2020

When the need arises to use silicone sealant, I almost never have all the packaging.

A standard tube holds 300 grams of sealant. I managed to use up half as much as possible. The remaining sealant invariably dried out in the package.

Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is to buy a smaller tube, 60 grams. But after looking for a similar package in stores, I came to the conclusion that it is not so easy to buy it. In addition, the cost of small tubes does not differ much from the price of large tubes.

It turns out that if I needed a sealant, I will buy a large package. Considering that you will have to pay not so exorbitant amounts for it (within 300 rubles).

Whatever it was, and every time I was sorry to throw out the drying remains of the sealant. Good is lost. We can say that I just throw half of the amount spent in the trash.

So I started thinking, how can you still use dried sealant? I will share with you what I thought of!

For owners of grinders, grinders or grinders that can be fitted with grinding wheels, dried sealant is an excellent sandpaper cleaner. Moreover, this allows you to kill two birds with one stone, because the cost of the original product sometimes reaches 1000 rubles.

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Some people prefer to immediately discard the grinding wheels, which after use are clogged with resin, sawdust, etc. In some cases it is really easier. But if you are not lazy, you can clean the sandpaper.

First, it saves money. Secondly, some devices have a rather tricky design, so replacing the grinding wheel becomes a difficult task. But you can clean the sandpaper in a few minutes.

Many companies produce special pencils for cleaning sanding belts and wheels. They are made from synthetic rubber, but they are too expensive. Agree, not everyone is ready to shell out 1000 rubles for a simple rubber bar.

Greed and common sense have never allowed me to buy such a pencil. As they say, I'm not looking for easy ways!

I have heard and read many times that cured sealant works great as a rubber pencil for cleaning sandpaper.

I decided to check this out on personal experience. While going through the tools, I came across a sealant that I had been using for a very, very long time. I put the remainder in the closet and safely forgot about it. And then it dawned on me!

I will share my joy! The method worked!

The sealant, dried to death, perfectly cleaned the sanding belt from metal sawdust and wood dust. It can even cope with the resin left after cutting the tree. Only in this case you need to make more effort.

Unfortunately, I have nothing to compare with how effective this method is. I can only say that the abrasive after cleaning became almost like new. By the way, the consumption of the sealant is very insignificant, i.e. it should be enough for a long time.

I have used a silicone sealant, so I can’t guarantee how effective others will be. Maybe rubber will show itself better, because special pencils are made from this material. Acrylic is likely to clog the sandpaper even more, as it crumbles a lot.

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