Plumber earned 100,000 rubles, publishing stories on their work

  • Dec 24, 2019

In Russia, inflation in comparison with the prosperous developed countries is quite high. Therefore, the accumulated money must be such as to maintain a minimum of inflation. The most common and unfortunate consider opening the deposit in the bank, under the dubious interest. And if the money ahead of time to remove the interest shall be burned up. This is not for me.

I have a debit card "Savings Bank" and "Yandex Money" if you keep your savings for them, then there is money to lie dormant. They just are not working.

Now in the market there are many banks with their debit cards enticing high interest rates. A lot of time spent reading the conditions of various banks about what needs to be done so that a good percentage of been recorded on the balance of the amount. To draw conclusions, the most adequate conditions at the card-Tinkoff Black

It turned out that it is very easy to order a card, only to make an application for necessary website and the bank manager will bring it to your home, at any time convenient for you.

I did so, a few days later I was taken to this card. In a special envelope. The gift went as "KartRider"

Immediately on the other card I have transferred money to it, those most cherished hundred thousand who earned for advertising articles. A publication I write every day, spend on them for 2-3 hours a day after work. Therefore, I believe that the hard-earned money should be based on the map: Tinkoff Black and bear interest.

It is important to know that "the cash" can be removed without the commission:

From 3000 to 100 000 ₽ ₽ at any ATM worldwide. The Tinkoff ATMs - from any amount to 500 000 ₽

What I immediately did, I checked whether it is in fact the case.

At the moment, I am satisfied, is to transfer her salary. But about how to translate zp on the map Tinkoff Black I'll tell you next time.

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