Insidious "warm floor". Why does children's immunity stop fighting the cold?

  • Dec 10, 2020
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Author's illustration
Author's illustration

Dear guests, I would like to write a short post about one feature of such a heating system as "warm floor" or a similar system - "warm walls".

We know that a warm surface is convenience and comfort for all family members, which is absolutely beyond doubt. The warm floor does not negatively affect the health of residents and is environmentally friendly, since it does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere around us.

We walk on the floor, touch the walls, but they do not take away heat, but, on the contrary, give it to us. And even psychologically - we are pleased!

On-line temperature control allows you to adjust the system in such a way that it is comfortable to be in the room and does not burn your feet. There is no fear of injury or burns. Manufacturers initially took care of this by including special equipment in the system to maintain low temperatures.

Such systems are popular for use not only in bathrooms, but also in children's bathrooms, in order to keep warm and cozy. They allow kids to play on the floor without any carpets and do not dry out the air.
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But, there is a false statement that a warm floor saves from colds, and it is presented in such a way that dear parents - be sure that neither you nor your children will get sick with colds.

All the "salt" of this question lies in addiction. Having got used to the warm floor, children do not think about it, and, as they always like, they roll and roll on the cold floor in the kindergarten. In this mode, a few days are enough to supercool the body and get a runny nose.

A warm surface, whether it be the floor or the walls, creates a greenhouse environment for the tenant. And this is a fact - exactly greenhouse conditions. A living organism is designed in such a way that a quick addiction occurs to comfort, naturally - immunity is impaired. The body with its immune system has nothing to fight with, it relaxes and no longer needs to "turn on protection" from the cold.

Manufacturers of heating systems have already proved more than once that underfloor heating is free to cope with its task and even replaces other heating devices.

But, there are some simple tips for you: do not overdo it and occasionally turn off the underfloor heating system so that the child walks barefoot on the cool floor for a while. Such a contrast of temperatures will not give complete relaxation to the body and the immune system will gradually return to normal!

And secondly, you do not need to use a warm floor as the main heating, this is only an auxiliary comfort, but not the main heating system in your home!

I will be very glad if the article became useful for you!

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