Solar panels: Whether there is a benefit from their installation in Russia?

  • Dec 24, 2019

Possibility to get cheap electricity has long attracted the attention of many users to think about the promising energy efficiency of their homes. Among the existing approaches to the implementation of such projects highlights the use of alternative types of solar panels. From experience we know that these elements make it possible to obtain high-grade electrical energy, which can be used for stand-alone power supply at home (photo below).

This should be taken into account some of the nuances that prevent their use in purely domestic purposes.

The cost of installation

The main obstacle to their use - is the high cost of the entire set of instruments is explained by the high cost of the system components, which converts sunlight into electricity. The most affordable product in 58 000 is equipped with a hybrid inverter and is optimally suited for the cottages. Its stated capacity is 1 kW and a maximum output of heat energy per day - 2 kW per hour.

Note: These figures assume ideal conditions (daylight saving time and full sunny day).

In this kit, with a reserve covering the needs of a modern home with a claimed capacity of 4 kW, will cost about 220 thousand rubles (photo below)

Photos taken with
Photos taken with

Cheap Chinese models in the form of ready-made kits for the same performance can be purchased for around 90 thousand rubles, which is not very cheap.

terrain factor

The most important factor expediency of such transducers is the number of days in a given region, when the sun shines. If you stay in the south of the country, where it has for nearly 200 days, the issues usually arise. But what about those users who live in areas with a limited number of them?

In addition, there are some difficulties in the operation of solar panels. This will require:

  • constantly monitor the condition of their surfaces;
  • pay attention to the fact that the adjacent trees do not cast a shadow on the structural elements;
  • regularly inspect and clean the panel, keeping their ideal state (photo below).
Payback entire converter system according to the statistical data is approximately 10 years. For example, let rough calculations for the set value of 220,000 rubles. in Stavropol. According to the weather service in this area about 185 days of sunshine per year, and the kilowatt / hour costs - 4.48 rubles.

You also need to take into account the following points:

  • average family consumption is 8.5 kW hours per day;
  • such a demand from the battery is covered by only 40 percent (the remaining 60 restored from the normal power supply).

In this case, it turns out that the use of panels is possible to save about 2100 kW and not more than (1500 kW - on sunny days and 600 kW - in the absence of the sun). Presented in monetary terms, the savings will be about 2100h4,48 = 9408 rubles.