A simple recipe for pear compote for the winter

  • Dec 13, 2020

Unlike apples, which, if properly stored, lie until spring, pears do not withstand that much. However, this can be corrected by conservation.

Pear compote. Illustration for the article is used from ok.ru
Pear compote. Illustration for the article is used from ok.ru

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To properly preserve the pear, choose ripe fruit without any defects. They must not be deformed or rotten in any way.

If the pear is large, you can safely cut it into 2-4 pieces. Remove the seeds and boll, the stalk should also be removed. It is not recommended to cut small fruits, as they will not be so tasty due to the loss of juice. If the skin is dense, the pear is best peeled with a potato peeler. This way you will peel off the skin without damaging the flesh.

A peeled pear darkens quickly, so it cannot be stored just like that. Pour water into a bowl and add a teaspoon of citric acid to it. This will help the water become more acidic and maintain the lobules longer. It is better to prepare everything in advance, as the fruit turns black very quickly, so delay can ruin the whole process.

Don't forget that pear is very sweet on its own. If you add too much sugar, you can ruin the whole compote. You can fill фрук bottles with prepared fruit for a rich taste.

Simple compote recipes

For many, time is very limited, so its unnecessary waste on complex recipes is not welcome. Such people are ideal for simple recipes that do not waste much time and effort. You will need 1.4 kg of pear and 100 grams of sugar. Everything is done with the expectation of a three-liter bottle, so you need 3 liters of water. Citric acid is present in the volume of a third of a teaspoon.

Place the pears in a deep saucepan after rinsing them thoroughly. Cover them with water and bring to a boil. The boiling process itself should not exceed 15 minutes over low heat.

Then take out the fruits and cool them. Put them in a sterile jar and toss them in the water in which they were boiled, citric acid and sugar. Boil the resulting syrup until the ingredients are completely dissolved. Next, pour the contents of the pot into a jar of pears. Roll up the can and turn it over. Roll it up in a blanket and wait for it to cool. After cooling down, you will get a full-fledged pear compote.

Pear compote. Illustration for the article is used from ok.ru

How to make pear compote even tastier

Vanilla plays the main role here. When added, the compote acquires sour-sweet notes and a very tasty smell. You will need 2 kg of pears, 0.5 kg of sugar, 4 grams of citric acid and a third of a teaspoon of vanilla for two three-liter jars. Boil the syrup, mix sugar, vanilla and citric acid in it. Next, add pears directly to a boiling pan. Let them boil and lower the heat. Let the fruit simmer for 10-15 minutes. If they do not crunch when pierced, the compote is ready. Remove fruit and place in jars.

Boil the syrup again, having previously filtered it through a strainer. Then pour it over the pears and repeat the above steps. As a result, you will get a delicious compote with hints of vanilla.

Do you prepare pear compote for the winter?

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