Harvesting blackberries for the winter: different methods, but the results are equally tasty

  • Dec 13, 2020

To cook blackberries, you need to get confused. Because this is a complex berry, similar to raspberries, if you handle it unceremoniously, you can crush the berries or turn the contents of a bucket into an incomprehensible mass. The latter is allowed if the housewife wants to make berry jelly.

We prepare blackberries for the winter. Illustration for the article is used from the site traktirsuzdal.ru
We prepare blackberries for the winter. Illustration for the article is used from the site traktirsuzdal.ru

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How to get, wash and peel blackberries

If the housewife has a dacha, then it should be remembered that the berries are picked slightly unripe. She will mature at home. If the berry was brought from the market, then the leaves and other garbage are removed first. Insects are removed.

Then the berries are washed under the shower so as not to wrinkle with a stream of water. Remove the tails by scrolling in a circle and pulling them out.

How to freeze

If you need frozen blackberries, they are packed in special bags and placed in the freezer. First, the temperature is set to the minimum. Then the degrees are gradually lowered to the optimum - at minus 10 or fifteen.

Attention! For the first day, the berries are stored in the freezer uncovered. On the second day, the bags are tied up, and the plastic containers are closed with lids.

At the dacha, the berries can be stored in the basement in glass jars. To do this, wash it thoroughly, then sterilize the jars. For one kilogram of blackberries, take one and a half kilograms of sugar. Sprinkle with sugar and grind. The resulting mass is poured into glassware and rolled up. They are taken to the coolest place in the basement. Such a workpiece is called raw.

How to make jelly

Jelly is the best tea snack in winter. You don't have to stand at the stove for a long time to cook it. For cooking, you need the following ingredients:

  • blackberries - one kilogram;
  • lemon - 1 piece;
  • sugar two and a half kilograms;
  • gelatin - 70 grams;
  • two glasses of water.

The cooking procedure consists of the following steps:

  • The berries are poured into a saucepan where the jelly will be cooked.
  • Pour granulated sugar on top and mix thoroughly.
  • Light a fire and bring to a boil.
  • Then the resulting mixture is rubbed through a sieve.
  • Lemon juice and gelatin are added.
  • Mix everything again and put on fire.
  • Keep on the gas stove until the jelly thickens.
We prepare blackberries for the winter. Illustration for the article is used from the site km-doma.ru

Now all that remains is to pour the mixture into the jars and roll them up. Put in a dark place for two days to cool it all down. Store jelly in a cool place: in the basement or in the refrigerator.

How to make jelly with apples and blackberries

You will need the following ingredients:

  • blackberries and apples - one and a half kg each;
  • two lemons;
  • sugar - 1 kg;
  • two and a half liters of water.

Cooking steps:

  • Chop apples and blackberries and place in a saucepan.
  • Cover with granulated sugar and stir.
  • Squeeze the juice out of the lemons and dilute the mixture with water.
  • Wait until it boils, then reduce heat and leave to simmer for one hour.
  • Keep on fire until the jelly thickens.

Compote is also made from this berry. They take a kilogram of blackberries, pour two liters of water and add two hundred grams of sugar. Bring to a boil and simmer for five minutes. Then it is poured into glassware.

Do you cook blackberries for the winter?

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