December 2020 Monthly Forecast

  • Dec 13, 2020

Good afternoon, my reader. Although by the end of November most of the gardening and gardening work has already been completed by spring, it is still highly desirable to know the weather for the next month. What do forecasters predict for December 2020? Since our country is very large, the forecast will be given with a breakdown by federal districts.

Winter in the yard. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©
Winter in the yard. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©

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1. Central

IN Moscow and Moscow region a sharp drop in temperature is expected at the beginning of the month. In the first week, you should expect values ​​up to -5 degrees during the day and up to -9 at night. Then it is expected to warm to about zero, but from the middle of December the cooling will start again. Heavy rainfall is expected - rains (up to torrential), snow, snow and rain.

IN Yaroslavl, Kaluga and Vladimir

approximately the same cooling is expected at the same time, except that frosts should be expected weaker - up to -7 degrees at night. Snow is expected. In the second week of December, it will again warm to zero, rain is expected. In the second half of the month, a cold snap will begin again, snowfalls are possible.

IN Smolensk, Kostroma and Tver the picture is the same: cooling in the first week, warming in the second, and then frost will come again. However, the cold snap here is expected to be less severe during the day: the temperature is likely to fluctuate around zero. But at night, frosts up to -9 degrees are possible.

IN Voronezh and Bryansk in the first days it is also necessary to wait for frosts (up to -3 degrees during the day and -8 degrees at night). Then significant warming is possible - up to +6 degrees during the day. From the second half of the month, a new wave of cooling will come. Due to this temperature leapfrog, you should not expect snow in these areas - at best it will rain.

Work in the country in the district

Before persistent frosts come, you need to cover the heat-loving plants with spruce branches and other materials. Also, the trunks of young trees need to be wrapped in a dense cloth from freezing, protecting at the same time from rodents.

In addition, you need to take care that the ice crust does not freeze on the trees. Place supports under the branches and gently shake them off the layer of frozen rain.

2. Northwestern

IN St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and Karelia temperature jumps are not expected. For most of December, the temperature will hover around zero with slight deviations in both directions. In mid-December, it can warm up to +5 degrees during the day, but the cold will return at night. But precipitation will turn out to be frequent, usually in the form of sleet and rain.

Approximately the same picture will be observed in Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Novgorod and Pskov. However, lower temperatures should be expected there: during the day up to -4 degrees, at night up to -8 degrees. In the middle of the month, warming to zero is possible. Rainfall will be at times.

IN Murmansk it is worth waiting for frosts. From the beginning of the month, the temperature will set to -8 degrees (in some places it is possible to -17 degrees) during the day and up to -19 at night. Heavy snowfalls are possible.

IN Kaliningrad on average, it will be from +3 to +5 throughout the day, light frosts are possible only at night. It will rain at times. Mostly cloudy.

IN Komi heavy snowfalls are expected. Especially a lot will fall out in the first decade of the month. There will be frosts down to -8 in the daytime and -17 at night. In the middle of the month, a thaw is possible until about zero, and then the cold will return.

Winter in the yard. Illustration for the article is used from the site

IN Naryan-Mare the first week of December will be snowy and cold - up to -16 in the daytime, up to -20 at night. By the middle of the month it will get warmer (but not to zero), but starting from the 20th, frosts will come again.

Work in the country

You should regularly check the safety of the harvest of potatoes, cabbage and carrots in the cellar, as well as the condition of cans with conservation. Dispose of spoiled vegetables immediately so that other fruits do not start to rot. Shake the snow off the branches regularly to keep it from freezing. If possible, sprinkle it in a thick layer in the near-trunk circle to protect young trees from frost. Also inspect the greenhouse regularly. If it is on a PVC or polycarbonate frame, reinforce it additionally so that the supports can withstand the weight of the snow.

3. Privolzhsky

IN Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov and Samara the month will begin with light frosts: up to -4 in the afternoon, up to -7 at night. Then it is expected to warm to zero or a weak "plus", and from the beginning of the third decade of December a cold snap will begin. Heavy rainfall is expected: snow and rain or just sleet.

Real winter will begin in Orenburg. Thaws are not expected, there will be a stable slight frost (up to -7 at night). By the end of the first week of December, frosts may increase. Snowfalls are expected.

IN Tatarstan and Udmurtia in the first decade, warming to zero or a weak "plus" is possible. The rest of the time there will be light frosts (up to -10 degrees at night).

IN Perm, Ufa and Kirov region the first week will be associated with a cold snap to -6 in the afternoon and to -11 in some places at night. In the future, frosts will decrease, in mid-December the temperature will fluctuate around zero, but by the New Year it will gradually begin to decrease.

Work in the country

While December is relatively warm, there is time to prune barberries, gooseberries, currants and other cold-resistant berry bushes. At the same time, it is necessary to do sanitary pruning, removing all broken and damaged processes.

Also, before the severe cold hits, it is necessary to take care of cuttings of fruit trees in order to plant them in the spring. It is necessary to cut off shoots up to 45 cm in length with several good and healthy buds. The cuttings must be sorted by species and species, and then placed in a box with wet sand and stored in a cool place. Cuttings should be examined regularly, discarding those showing signs of disease or fungal attack.

4. Southern

IN Rostov-on-Don the temperature will be too warm for December - up to +9 degrees in the afternoon. Short-term frosts are possible, but a stable cold snap is not expected before the second half of December.

Crimea, Krasnodar and Adygea they will generally ignore the calendar: the temperature there all month is up to +11 (and in some places up to +16) degrees during the day. True, weak and short-term frosts are possible at night. Precipitation is expected, but, of course, only in the form of snow.

Kalmykia also will not pay attention to winter: cold snaps to a slight "minus" are possible only at the beginning and end of the month. The rest of the time the weather will be moderately warm (up to +11), the temperature promises to drop to +4 only at night.

Work in the country

In December, there is still time to protect perennials (woodlands, crocuses, lilies, etc.) from pests by placing poisonous baits for rodents around the perimeter of the flower beds. You can also start sowing verbena, calceolaria, primrose and other flowers that grow slowly on seedlings. At the same time, we must not forget that the seeds of many of them require preliminary processing and stratification.

5. Ural

IN Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk regionas well as in Chelyabinsk during the month the temperature will be stable - light frosts (up to -5 degrees during the day and up to -7 degrees at night). In some places, however, sudden cold snaps up to -12 degrees are possible. Regular precipitation in the form of snow.

IN Tyumen and Kurgan the same picture is expected: in the daytime in December there will be a light frost down to -7 degrees, at night - up to -12 degrees. Heavy snowfalls are not expected, but precipitation will fall regularly.

Concerning Northern Urals and Salekhard - that's where December will show itself. For most of the month, frost will be from -7 to -11 degrees, but in the second week the cold will temporarily intensify, and the frost can reach -27 degrees. Heavy snowfalls are not expected.

Work in the country

You should stock up on boxes and containers for seedlings. For this purpose, in addition to special plastic containers collected in clips, anything is suitable: disposable plastic glasses, cut bottles, small flower pots, cut and washed juice boxes and even cardboard trays under the eggs. Considering when, what and how much will be planted, you need to buy additional seeds of the necessary crops.

It is even more important to start organizing planting plans for next year in December. Take a piece of paper, draw a site plan on it, mark where and what grew this year - and then copy drawing on the second sheet and start marking on it what and where will need to be planted in 2021, taking into account the rules crop rotation.


Concerning Novosibirsk, Altai and Tomsk, then winter will come there, immediately dictating its terms. Mild frost will only last for the first few days of the month - and then the temperature will drop sharply to -13 in the afternoon, and at night - in places to -30. Regular snowfalls are expected.

Roughly the same situation promises to develop in Omsk, Irkutsk and Khakassia. True, the frosts there will not be so severe - only up to -16 in the daytime and -18 degrees at night. Warming is possible, but the temperature will not cross the zero line in December - the maximum will be 2 degrees below zero. Heavy snowfalls should be expected here too.

Concerning Krasnoyarsk and Kemerovo, then the first decade of December will be very snowy, but with mild frosts. But then you should wait for a cold snap to -17 degrees during the day and to -25 at night, on average, the frost will not be weaker than -10-11 degrees. By the end of the month, snowfalls will resume with renewed vigor.

Work in the country

Take care of the inspection and repair of garden tools and equipment. What has become unusable - fix it, lubricate it in good condition and send it to storage in a garage or shed. Start feeding the birds: the more of them remain on your site, the more pests they will peck in spring and summer. Do not forget that raw flaxseeds or sunflower seeds, as well as porridge cooked without salt from any cereals, except millet, are most useful for birds.

Far Eastern

Khabarovsk, Transbaikalia and Amur Region will delight residents with clear weather. Despite the cold snap to -14 in the daytime and -22 at night, no snowfall is expected.

In Primorye, the weather will be unstable throughout December. Oscillations are possible during the day from +3 to -4 degrees, at night - from zero to -5 degrees. Forecasters, however, warn that short-term cold snaps up to -14 at the peak are possible, but it is still impossible to indicate the exact days. You should wait for precipitation in the form of rain and sleet.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Magadan severe frosts are expected in early December: forecasters predict a drop in temperature to -16 or even -19 degrees. In mid-December, frosts will decline, but the temperature will not rise to zero - you need to wait somewhere between -3 or -7 degrees. Heavy snowfalls will take place at the same time.

Concerning Sakhalin, then there, due to the island climate, large frosts should not be expected: the first two weeks of December, the thermometer will not drop below -7 degrees, and during the day it will fluctuate around slightly below zero. But then frosts will hit - up to -11 degrees during the day and -14 at night. Precipitation will be rare, mainly in the form of wet snow in the first half of the month.

As for Yakutia, then everything is simple - the sharply continental climate cannot be written off. The temperature will not rise above -22 degrees in December (and then only in the first week), and then real frosts will come. At the peak of the cold snap in December, forecasters promise -47 degrees. Actually, expecting something different from the "Pole of Cold" for the northern hemisphere of the Earth would be strange. Snow will fall regularly, but heavy snowfall is not expected there.

Work in the country

While there is time, try growing early ripening greens on the windowsill. Lettuce, parsley, onions, spinach or radishes ripen well under these conditions. Those who like to get confused can try to do such cultivation of cucumbers, tomatoes or peppers: there is a lot of fuss, it will take a long time to look after - but the opportunity to eat a young cucumber grown with your own hands in winter is truly priceless.

North Caucasus

Pyatigorsk and Dagestan are waiting for humid, but warm weather: frosts are not expected, there will be a lot of rain, during the day the temperature is up to +14 degrees. But at night frosts with wet snow are possible.

Roughly the same picture will be observed in Karachay-Cherkessia, Vladikavkaz, Chechnya and Stavropol: temperature up to +13 degrees, occasionally - small December frosts, a lot of rain.

Work in the country

The beginning of winter in the Caucasus is the time for working with vineyards. Clean the dry vines from the wire, repair the trellises, pull the wire. Also at this time, you can do sanitary felling in the garden, letting old or sick trees under the ax - and warm weather will allow you to immediately uproot stumps.

Check healthy trees as well. If nests of wintering pests are found on them, destroy them ruthlessly.

Do you know what to do at the dacha in December?

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