How to get rid of a tick with a nail if there are no other tools at hand

  • Dec 14, 2020
How to get rid of a tick with a nail if there are no other tools at hand
How to get rid of a tick with a nail if there are no other tools at hand

This winter has been extremely warm in most regions. There were almost no severe frosts, which means that very soon all nature lovers will have an unpleasant surprise - an increased population of ticks. This year promises to be particularly challenging in this regard, as most arthropods did not die in hibernation due to the cold (as they should under normal conditions). All of this brings us to the idea that it's time to expand our arsenal of means to counter the blood-sucking threat.

The pest goes to the bank. | Photo:
The pest goes to the bank. | Photo:

It may happen that at the time of the tick bite there will be no thread with a needle, no tweezers, no first-aid kit at hand, nor even sunflower oil with gauze (which, in fact, it is better not to use to combat arthropods). Leaving the stuck tick is not a good idea, just like touching its body with your bare hands. And here one "fishing method" of extracting the hated bloodsucker from the body rushes to our aid. The most unexpected improvised means, for example, an ordinary nail, can help in this matter!

We warm the carnations. | Photo:

So, we take a nail in our hand and heat it with an open source of fire. If you want to, you can even heat the nail red-hot with an ordinary pocket lighter. Beforehand, you should also find some container with a lid where you can put the tick for storage. When everything is ready, we take a heated nail and gently apply it to the pest's abdomen. We do not press hard, everything must be done so as not to kill the arthropod, but to make it feel discomfort.

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Do not touch! | Photo:

Due to the high temperature, the tick will crawl out of the wound by itself. Immediately after that, you must throw it into a container and close it with a lid. In this form, the tick is quickly delivered to the hospital for analysis. Next, we need something hygienically clean, such as a cotton swab. With its help, you need to press on the wound where the tick was, so that the pest's saliva comes out. If you have alcohol or cologne on hand, it is a good idea to treat the bite site.

After removing the pest, we go to the hospital for help as soon as possible.

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We go to the doctor. ¦ Photo:

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