5 useless cosmetic products that are not worth spending

  • Dec 24, 2019

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On the dresser self-respecting lady always stands a mountain - or growing sea - all kinds of jars with cosmetics. Powder, explosive means, bronzer, eye shadow, mascara... just not listed! Such an arsenal of cosmetics worth a lot of money. Especially if the lady loves herself and cheap means not buying.

But does all this makeup is vital to a woman? We offer the top 5 beauty products, without which you can easily do. Moreover, they are completely useless.

1. Cream to remove black eye

If the woman is healthy, sleep well, but it is still on the lower eyelids there are dark spots, no makeup will not help. Minor "bruises" under the eyes in this case - genetic feature. It is inherent to some peoples living in southern latitudes, and related to them by blood northerners.

Dark circles under the eyes are present, for example, many Indians and Arabs, who are already on the nature of dark-skinned. If a woman in the family was my grandfather, my grandmother with the South of Russia - or away from - no creams will not help. Bruises can only disguise, "to cover" Tint. skin structure has not changed, it is not possible at the cellular level to alter the natural color of hair.
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2. anti-aging serum

World literally mad with the desire to be young. Women over 40 are ready to give any money, just to look a little bit younger. And believe me, marketers are well aware. They are willing to tell any stories about newfangled cream just to convince him to buy an aging lady.

Alas, no matter how women want to disappoint, but the cosmetic product of old age has not yet been invented. Otherwise, its inventor would have won the Nobel Prize. All of the "anti-aging serum", which offer cosmetics companies - this is only a temporary measure that creates the visual effect of the tightened skin. On the deep structure of the dermis, they do not have no effect.

3. anti-cellulite agents

Bronze medalists in the list of absolutely useless cosmetics take anti-cellulite agent. Remember, they are usually sold with a recommendation to use a massage. But the fact that it was massage improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, which leads to a smoothing of the hated fat tubercles.

Take frequent massage in your problem areas! Can thus be used even baby cream - will still work. But globally solve the problem helps the normalization of food and sport. all just here. The recipe to combat the "orange peel" on the hips for a long time known to all. He just takes more effort and therefore not popular.

4. Means for peeling

On the shelves of cosmetics shops you can see hundreds of jars with food for home mechanical exfoliation. They comprise a mixture of nutritive oils and abrasive particles (plastic pellets or crushed apricot pits). Spending money on such facilities - all the same what to do from the boats to lower their bills and the water dirty city canal.

A great scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells are very easy to make at home. To do this, you need only ground coffee beans, sugar or oatmeal. They can add all sorts of nourishing oils to your liking. Homemade scrub is no worse - and even much better - shop, and is mere penny.

5. Foam for intimate hygiene

Another useless product - a means for intimate hygiene of women. Manufacturers of such cosmetics convince buyers that it ideal PH-balance and there are "special" lactic acid bacteria, allegedly reducing microflora.

All this - the deception of clean water. No listed outside microorganisms are not able to improve the "native" flora of female genital tract. They are arranged by nature so that cleaned themselves. he do not need help.

If a lady present problems such as thrush, cleaning the gels it will not help. There need to be treated in the normal gynecologist, rather than trying to remedy the situation with the help of cosmetics.

This is the top five leaders in a huge list of completely useless cosmetics. In addition to these products, it included expensive masks and peels for feet, shampoos for dandruff, gels and creams for the lips, by means of split ends.

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