Thanks to his wife had to collect a siphon which is almost does not need to be cleaned of dirt and grease. Photo report.

  • Dec 24, 2019

- "Fed up with their experiments in the kitchen, the husband of a plumber, and I sink clogged" - lamented wife

- "Take me to a normal drain you did not reach your whining" - not ugomonyalas spouse.

I am a man simple, I asked do. The most hassle-free drain in the kitchen which is not clogged with grease and food waste.

Two-piece siphon. Photo for example.
Two-piece siphon. Photo for example.


normal siphon which is installed in the kitchen has a small orifice. Therefore, he in a short time becomes clogged with fatty deposits.
corrugated the siphon It has a good diameter for the passage of the drain water, but due to its corrugations fat particles are easily deposited on the surface. And tubes heal with time.

In a previous article I discussed how to do a dry trap, he could not stand the test of fat. It is removed and will gather the most hassle-free odor trap.

For this we need a sewer pipe and fittings with a diameter of 40 mm. It is 40 mm. rather than 50 mm. as a standard sewage, because the outlet from which we take the thread from the old siphon has a diameter of 40 mm. From it and we dance.

Assembly itself is not a self-made trap takes no problems. It is clearly seen in the photographs, and how to assemble GIFCA.

It turns out we do a cavity in which is located the water locking odors.

Knife designated liquid level in the siphon homemade.

It remains mounted on the sewage system.

Get short length pipe. You will be a different length so the look of the site.

For everything it took over five and one outlet approximate price of 150 rubles. But we now have a siphon which will last a long time without adverse disassembly for cleaning of dirt and grease. Take on arms and stay healthy.