A few of my tricks transportation of seedlings to the country

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: http://www.nazemle.org/uploads/posts/2017-06/1496496683_rassada-v-gorshochkah.jpg
A photo: http://www.nazemle.org/uploads/posts/2017-06/1496496683_rassada-v-gorshochkah.jpg

When I chose the topic for his new article, I decided to see what other people write the authors. It turned out that in recent years have become increasingly popular topics related to the selection of seeds, cultivation and planting seedlings. And this is not surprising, because very soon begin an active holiday season.

But what is strange, I have not heard a single article on how to properly transport the seedlings. (That's right - it means without loss and unnecessary stress for the plants). But this difficult process to be every gardener. Therefore, I have decided to share their experience transporting young plants.

Since the machine in the family appeared relatively late (In comparison to other neighbors in the cottage)For a long time, I had to carry the seedlings for yourself. I took a big backpack, two mesh cloth and set off to the cottage with two transfers and three kilometer march-throw from the station to the house. The task was not easy, even I can not believe now, how many were transported on their backs.

For many years the transport of seedlings I had a few tricks of the trade, which I now want to share with you.

1. We carry only as much as can plant

My main principle in the transport of seedlings sounds - "We carry only as much as can be planted in the same day."

Even transporting the seedling on the train, I realized that it makes no sense to chase the amount. Better to take a small party, you will be able to land immediately. I did this for three reasons:

  • First, the smaller seedlings I was taking, the greater the chance to bring the plants without damage;
  • Secondly, sprouts, which I did not have time to plant, expected to remain fit and experienced additional stress. Plants after such expectations take root worse;
  • Third, landed all had brought the party, I could not survive, and with peace of mind to go to relax after a hard day. It saved my strength and nerves.

2. Choose the right weather

For transportation it is best to choose a warm (But not hot) windless day. In my opinion, the most comfortable temperature - 15 to 20 degrees above zero.

On a clear day, it is better not to carry the seedlings. Through the window in the train or the car the sun can get very hot pack, which will lead to overheating of the plants. Although, if you have air conditioning, then the problem is solved Lego.

3. Give the plants a rest

Plants, like us, too tired after a long journey. Especially if the street is quite warm. Therefore, after transportation, the seedlings should be given a rest in a cool, slightly humid environment. It can be a patch, a bath or a room with curtained curtains (So ​​that the sun does not heat up the room).

I'm sending a rest seedlings 1.5-2 hours, while preparing the ground and place a landing. It is quite enough that the plants have recovered from stress and started to get used to the new conditions.

4. Advance stop watering

To plant nebyli too fragile and did not break at the slightest touch, a couple of days prior to shipment should stop watering. A small thirst is not only not hurt the seedlings, but also makes it a little tougher.

At first, I did not adhere to this rule, since I was a pity to look at a little withered seedlings. But after a lot of broken stems and branches, I still overcame himself.

These little tricks will help avoid large losses during transport, as well as help the seedlings quickly get accustomed to the new location.

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