Kitchen design with a balcony (42 photos), the interior of a room with an area of ​​8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14 sq m with your own hands, the design of a kitchen window and a balcony door: instructions, photo and video lessons, price

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 What unification gives
  • 2 What are the ways to combine
    • 2.1 Balcony insulation
    • 2.2 We beat the balcony window leading to the kitchen
  • 3 Kitchen design combined with a balcony - options
  • 4 We select furniture
  • 5 In custody

Tired of being crowded in a small kitchen, there is not enough space for all family members, but is it expensive and difficult to combine a kitchen with a living room? Then we can offer you another option, the most affordable - to combine the kitchen with a balcony. If you doubt that this is functional and practical, then read this article. The design of a kitchen with a balcony has the right to live, especially for small spaces.

kitchen design with balcony

Have you thought before that the balcony can be an extension of the kitchen ?!

What unification gives

Just imagine how you can make your life easier by "cutting through" a window onto the balcony. This has a positive effect not only on the kitchen itself, but also allows you to use the balcony area to the maximum.

This is especially true for those cases when you need to create a kitchen design of 8 sq m - with a balcony, it will come out much easier. Do not hesitate, look at what positive properties the design of a kitchen combined with a balcony has:

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kitchen with balcony

A small kitchen and a small balcony - but what is the “power” of comfort, because in the kitchen you can now not only eat, but also relax

  • First of all, the living area will increase. If, for example, you have a balcony of about 4-5 sq m, then in the end you will get 12-13 sq m of living space, in which you can already settle not only with your family, but also with guests. Finally, the bedroom will become a place to sleep, not a center of entertainment.
  • You can use the balcony as you like: store food in a homemade cellar, make a dining area there, enjoying the view from the window for dinner and breakfast. Place household appliances on the balcony: refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine.
  • More space in the kitchen will be freed up, making it more housewife-friendly. Cooking and cleaning will no longer be so stressful when - wherever you look, there are cabinets, chairs and tables everywhere.

Note! For example, we took a kitchen with an area of ​​8 sq m, but you can develop a kitchen design of 9 sq m with a balcony and a kitchen design of 10 sq m with a balcony. The area of ​​the kitchen does not play a big role in this case, although, of course, it is quite significant.

What are the ways to combine

If you have started a renovation in an apartment, then get ready to destroy stereotypes, it's time to follow your dream. We can convince you that by creating the design of a small kitchen with a balcony, making the room the most favorable for operation, you will thank yourself for this more than once.

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Balcony insulation

Initially, the balcony should be made not just glazed, but also heated there, at least install a hinged electric battery. There are a lot of them on sale in stores, so there is no problem to find the optimal one in terms of price and functionality.

Basically, they differ in the following characteristics:

  • Power. If the balcony is reliably insulated, all work has been done to install the heat-insulating layer, plastic or aluminum windows are installed, then a simple radiator will be enough. Otherwise, a more powerful device is required.
  • The presence of adjustment. Almost all modern electric batteries have a heat regulator, they only differ in the width of the range of the set temperatures.
  • Appearance. A wall-mounted radiator can be matched to any interior without fear that it will stand out against the background of furniture.
kitchen design 10 sq m with balcony

A modern radiator that perfectly copes with its direct duties

kitchen design 13 sq m with balcony

A battery that is unlikely to ever become the subject of embarrassment and embarrassment

For example, creating a kitchen design of 13 sq m with a balcony, you will probably decide on some unusual style of the dining area - since the space allows it. With trendy and stylish radiators, you can repeat the same interior on the balcony. You can also easily cover it with any decor: wooden lathing, fur cape.

To insulate the balcony, you can also use a warm floor, only this is an even more expensive method, albeit an effective one - your feet will always be warm.

Note! You can also make a warm floor with your own hands, but for this you have to disassemble the floor on the balcony. If you decide to take this step, evaluate your strength, maybe you will be enough for the kitchen?

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We beat the balcony window leading to the kitchen

Before you started the renovation, you had a door and a window between the balcony and the kitchen, which may be of the old model, or be new - a plastic partition. And in fact, and in this case, you can use this frame as just another door to the dining area.

The design of a kitchen window with a balcony door is, of course, very laborious, because this requires remaking the partition to match the interior of the premises. Maybe even replace the window, make it tilt or slide.

Here are some examples people use:

  • It is best to use a sliding system for both the window and door. This saves space when opening.
  • If possible, install a wider window sill, which can be used as a table from the balcony side, and a work surface in the kitchen. Often a kitchen countertop is superimposed on it, for example, when an acrylic surface is used.

Note! If you have a large kitchen, for example, you need to create a kitchen design of 14 sq m with a balcony, then you can position the sink opposite the window. This is how you use a natural light source to illuminate your work surface.

  • A folding window mechanism is only suitable for those cases when the balcony becomes a dining area. The glass of the window acts as a mobile table, which can be opened or closed in one motion. This design of a window with a balcony in the kitchen is rarely used, but, you see, it has the right to life.

Kitchen design combined with a balcony - options

Now let's look at all the possible options for using a combined kitchen with a balcony:

  • Do not forget to install curtains on the balcony windows to hide from the scorching sun and hide from prying eyes. Roman blinds are a stylish solution for almost all styles.
  • You can also beat the kitchen design on the balcony only if 3-4 lockers are enough for you. This is how it looks in the photo.
kitchen design for a kitchen with a balcony

Compact, simple, stylish and unusual - this is what you can call the kitchen located on the balcony

  • Install additional lighting on the balcony, just do not make it too bright - the light should be diffused, light.
  • Try to use the same type of materials for both the kitchen and the balcony. Combining materials allows you to create the illusion that the rooms are complementary to each other, even if they are separated by a balcony door.
kitchen design 14 sq m with a balcony

Dinner area for dinner and a bar counter overlooking the street - for gatherings with friends

  • Regardless of how the area of ​​the interior needs to be "revived", you need to do it according to your wishes, capabilities and recommendations. For example, a 12 sq m kitchen design with a 6 sq m balcony turns the space into a small living room with a dining area.

Memo! The price, as with any repair, depends on the materials used and the "scale" of the actions. It is not advisable to extend the repair for several months, because this is still a kitchen, so our advice is to start repairing when there is enough money and effort for it.

  • As we said earlier, make a place from the balcony to store any kitchen utensils.
design of a small kitchen with a balcony

If you remove the refrigerator from the kitchen to the balcony, only in this case you will already win 1 square meter of space

  • It is possible to completely demolish the partition between the balcony and the kitchen, thereby turning a 10 or 12 meter kitchen into a large dining room with a spacious light source.
kitchen design 9 sq m with balcony

The balcony is important not by square meters, but by wide windows and the illusion that the room has become endless

  • The design of a kitchen with a balcony door is appropriate only in cases where both rooms are spacious enough.
kitchen design on the balcony

In small rooms, it is better to demolish balcony doors - freedom of movement

We select furniture

An important part of the kitchen is the furniture set and all the furniture that is located in the kitchen. After all, it depends on her whether people will be comfortable in this room or not.

Choosing a kitchen design for a kitchen with a balcony is quite difficult, because you have not a standard option - buying ordinary store modules is not appropriate here. You will have to not only design the interior yourself, but also invent furniture for it.

Note! Of course, you can always use the services of a designer who will provide a 3 D-project of the renovated interior. It may also be accompanied by instructions for creating this project, an estimate for materials and costs. One disadvantage of such a service is the high cost of a good specialist. We do not recommend going to the "self-taught".

We offer a few tips to help you:

  • Furniture should be kept in the chosen style, exclude the possibility of using "non-stylish" items.
  • Colors and materials should fully correspond to the interior: for example, wood and carved stained-glass windows fit the classics, the absence of bright colors and severity are high-tech.
  • It is better to use steel elements in a chrome-plated version, chrome looks quite warm in the kitchen.
  • If the balcony is used as a storage room, then decorate it in the style of a wine cellar, use "shabby" furniture and natural materials.
  • You can play in contrast: the kitchen is made in light colors, the balcony is in dark colors, or vice versa.
kitchen design with balcony door

Strict work area, where nothing is superfluous, and light dining area, where it is bright and fresh

A kitchen with a balcony can become not just a dining room with a seating area, but also turn into a "winter garden", which will be located in an insulated room. An abundant amount of greenery will have a beneficial effect on the interior, plus everything else - it will create a cozy atmosphere with clean air.

In custody

Summing up the above, I would like to say one thing - you can create anything, this desire depends on the possibilities. As such, there is no framework for creating an unusual interior in a combined kitchen with a balcony, because how many people have so many opinions. However, it is worth listening to what has already been created and designed, as a unique design is created by trial and error.

In addition to everything, I would like to remind you that at the end of the article there is a video: kitchen design with a balcony, which will help you decide. We hope that the information provided was useful to you.

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