Built-in kitchen appliances Kaiser (39 photos), household kitchen electrical appliances, do-it-yourself installation: instructions, photo and video lessons, price

  • Dec 21, 2020
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  • 1 Modern built-in kitchen appliances
    • 1.1 Built-in gas hobs
    • 1.2 Electric hobs
  • 2 Combined hobs Kaiser
    • 2.1 Optimal ratio of parameters
  • 3 Built-in ovens
    • 3.1 Gas ovens
    • 3.2 Electric ovens
  • 4 Built-in dishwashers

Modern built-in kitchen appliances

The German brand Kaiser (OLAN-Haushaltsgerate) is widely known in the world market of household kitchen appliances. Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, hobs, hoods and a number of other equipment manufactured by Kaiser are popular and in constant demand among buyers from around the world. German quality, functionality and compliance with the most modern parameters distinguish the devices of this company among the many products present in the markets of Russia and European countries.

Kitchen appliances from the German brand Kaiser

Kitchen appliances from the German brand Kaiser

Modern household appliances Kaiser for the kitchen are produced both as freestanding machines and as built-in products. The second option is more popular not only due to the latest fashion trends - it is determined by the functionality and ergonomics of products.

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They can be conveniently fit into any kitchen interior - from folk and retro to techno and modern without processing and restricting functions. They are also suitable for kitchens of all sizes and look organically in small apartments and three-story mansions. The price-performance ratio of these devices lies in a very attractive range (read also about the advantages of professional kitchen equipment).

Among the offered built-in household appliances, you can choose products for every taste:

  • gas hobs;
  • electric hobs;
  • dishwashers;
  • combined hobs;
  • gas ovens;
  • electric ovens;
  • microwave ovens microwave ovens;
  • hoods;
  • sets of household appliances.

Built-in gas hobs

There are several types depending on the work surface:

  • Glass hobs.
  • Stainless steel hobs.
  • Glass ceramic panels.
Gas hob Kaiser

Gas hob Kaiser

Compact gas hobs are manufactured using the most modern technologies and are able to satisfy the most refined taste and any needs of a housewife. They are equipped with burners of various powers with one, two or three rows of flame.

The working surface of gas built-in panels is made of tempered glass, glass ceramics or stainless steel. Without exception, all Kaiser gas appliances are equipped with a gas leakage prevention system.

The control system is simple and intuitive, with a wide range of options for work.

  • Automatic electric ignition;
  • cast iron burner covers;
  • cast iron grates.

Note! To connect the hobs to reduced gas cylinders, special fittings are provided. According to the rules, such a connection should only be carried out by specialists of the gas service.

Electric hobs

Kaiser KCT 6912 F Gold

Kaiser KCT 6912 F Gold

Kaiser kitchen appliances always keep up with the times. Electric hobs are a prime example. The company's engineers overcame the main drawback of electric-type cooking devices - their inertia.

  • All panels are equipped with ultra-fast heating burners, which are not inferior to gas burners in functionality, and exceed them in safety. There is no release of combustion products and oxygen is not burned out from the room, there is no danger of flame extinction and damage to pipelines.
  • The second important characteristic of Kaiser hobs is the zoning of the burners according to the degree of heating with the display of the surface temperature on a digital display. Automatic control of heating to the set temperature, touch control panels, blocking from children, glass-ceramic surface and modern design put these products in the first place among analogs.

Combined hobs Kaiser

Optimal ratio of parameters

Kaiser KCG 622 R

Kaiser KCG 622 R

These devices combine the advantages of gas and electrical appliances into one whole. The speed of heating is achieved by using gas burners, and the accuracy of maintaining the temperature regime is achieved by using electric burners. The robust stainless steel or glass housing is functional and easy to maintain. Instructions for using such a device are not required - the control panel is extremely simple and allows you to adjust the operating modes over a wide range.

Combined hobs are equipped with anti-gas systems and blocking the accidental activation of electric heaters. Simultaneous operation of gas and electrical devices is possible. Electric burners are equipped with LED indicators for the level of residual heating of the surface and the function "fast heating" (see also step-by-step instructions "How to integrate a dishwasher into a finished kitchen").

Built-in ovens

Gas ovens

Electric ovens

Photo of the oven Kaiser EG 6977 VBE

Photo of the oven Kaiser EG 6977 VBE

For everyone who loves to cook with their own hands not only boiled or fried, but also baked dishes or delicious sweet pastries, built-in gas or electric ovens are intended. Their robust enamelled cases with removable doors, exquisite design and a wide range of colors solutions allow you to place the cabinet in kitchen furniture of any type and style, without restrictions functionality.

Gas and electrical appliances are equipped with security systems and convenient control panels. They allow not only to set the preset parameters, but also to constantly monitor the cooking process, make the necessary adjustments and change the temperature indicators.

Many models are additionally equipped with a rotating grill.

Built-in dishwashers

  • Fully recessed.
  • Partially recessed.
Dishwasher Kaiser S 60 U 71 XL

Dishwasher Kaiser S 60 U 71 XL

What housewife does not dream of a machine that would free her from washing dishes. This dream becomes especially vivid after holidays or family celebrations. Kaiser comes to the rescue here too - built-in dishwashers are not only compact and do not clutter space of the kitchen, but also decorate it - most of the models have a modern sophisticated design, combined with a high functionality.

Kaiser products are characterized by low energy consumption and versatility. The upper baskets can be displaced in height, which makes it possible to wash oversized dishes. You can get acquainted with the operation of the machine in a video demonstrating all stages of the machine.

They have a capacity for loading from 7 to 15 place settings and a partial load function. The software device provides up to 10 modes, which meets almost all the requirements for such devices. Many machines are equipped with a dish dryer. The machine is controlled using the integrated Touch Control panel.

For the equipment of a modern stylish and functional kitchen, it is important to use the appliances of one reliable brand, the products of which complement each other. One of the most optimal solutions is the Kaiser kitchen appliances (see also about the advantages of a built-in cooker hood).


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